Monday, 25 June 2012

Missing in Action

Yep, theramblingpages has been MIA for nearly a month now.

I decided to take some time out, time to spend solely with the boys, time to spend on getting on top of a never ending ironing pile, housework and garden, time to spend on sorting out my work.

I took a huge step back from many things mainly to concentrate on the boys. I feel as if all I do is sit at a computer, they will grow up believing mummy does nothing but work.

Problem is my priorities are wrong - I waste time during school hours, then panic and try and make up my hours in the evening. I have managed to slip right back into that this morning, I sat down at 9.30 to write this post and try and get back on the blogging wagon, and it is now 10.21 as all I have done is look at various posts on my blogger dash board, i have yet to even open my email which when I looked at it last week stood at over 1300 unread.

I think I will delete all, and start afresh rather than trying to catch up.

So time away has been fun, we've done lots, I have realised I need to be more organise and prioritise and also that I enjoy blogging and have missed it.

I might not post daily but I am certianly planning om blogging regularly.

Hello to all out there still and looking forwards to reconnecting with people


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blogging frustration!

Ok so this blog has been a little dry recently and I can only apologise. I have decided that I need to change things. I need to stop wasting my working hours and concentrate on work which in turn means I don't have to get up with the sun at 4.30am to play catch up before the day actually begins. This means I am not ridiculously tired and getting wound up that I can't do my work as I am simply too tired. It also means I can actually spend time with my boys and have free evenings to run, and get on with the bedroom which I began to strip the wallpaper off in December. I finished this last night the 7th June (ho hum). Once the bedroom is done, I need to finish the beading in the hall which was laminated in November (2nd ho hum) and then complete the decorating which is half under coated, again since November. Don't even go there as to why I am doing all of this and not t'husband although I do admit the huge control freak in me probably doesn't help! I am getting very frustrated as I keep thinking of blog posts and am itching to write them but am making myself get on top of things first. I do feel good about myself for doing this but also guilty my blog is suffering. I am however excited about being able to do a before and after post on our bedroom. I am frustrated as I desperately want to take part in meal planning Monday - I am so bored with my standard meals week in week out and know I will get loads of inspiration, I want to do my groovy mums weekly Tuesday post, take part in Kate Take 5 listography and reasons to be cheerful and important to me is eventually blog about ADHD and autism. So much to do but instead of trying to do them all, I am now tackling one at a time x Apologies for terrible spelling and grammar, this is via phone and very rushed and a nightmare to try and read back!