Wednesday, 27 July 2011

awwhhh mum, do we have too? And it hurt me - just a little.

An expression I think we are all going to hearing more than once this holidays, except this one wasn't uttered by one of my 2, it was uttered by a friend's little boy when I suggested him and his brother should come round again for tea one day (they are my best friend's twins and now we live in the same town it is something I would like to encourage).

My eldest has ADHD and aspergers. Over the last few years we have had few friends, no friends to really invite round and no friends to be invited to, so whenever the opportunity does arise which is rare both of mine get so over excited at the presence of other kids in the house they literally go mad. My eldest just doesn't know how to control himself, my youngest just copies and shows off.

When I invited Master's H and W round last night, Master'H's response of 'awwwhh mum, do we have to, I don't want to go round to their house with 2 really hyper active boys, they are a nightmare'. He is only speaking the truth. I tried to explain to Master H and Master W, Little Man is like a puppy (their neighbour recently got a puppy hence the use of it), and the more the boys see of people and the more they get use to having people round, the less excited they would be. I think they understood but don't think it made much difference.

What do you do? I don't want to force two 7 year olds into coming to our house just for our/my benefit, but we are in a big vicious circle, I don't know how to tone my 2 down, they need people round, they need to learn not to get so excited, but then no-one wants to come.

I had to admit I was left feeling a little down and deflated, I did want the twins round, I do want my boys to be able to have friends round, and yes it hurt a little when you hear kids jump at the chance of going round to other people's houses but when yours is mentioned they don't want to. My boys are nice honest, please give them a chance, even if you are only little yourself.

MuMenTum Week 5

I originally wrote this post yesterday and the stupid thing said error right at the end and then crashed as I hit post and it lost it, gurrrhhhh. So annoying. Anyhow I missed last weeks simply through being incredibly busy. I was asked very last minute to fly to Vancouver to cover a meeting, which gave me 2 days to organise everything including end of term cakes for the teachers (as per the boys requests) and cards etc, so I am afraid blogging was right on the end of the to-do list.

Its a shame i missed last weeks as I was feeling very proud of myself having been for 2 runs, forgone a takeaway, and also having done some sit ups every day, so I had lots to be proud of and lots to say.

This week though I hang my head in shame. I have not done my Monday weigh in simply because I dare not stand on the scales. I am leaving that one until next week.

As I mentioned I was asked to go to Vancouver last minute so Wednesday saw me rise at 6am, jump in a taxi for 6.30am and catch a train to Heathrow, so I had a number of lattes to keep me awake and a croissant to fill me up. Once at the airport, I meet with the managing director who told me we were flying business class and took me to the business class lounge. I found it very difficult not to give myself away about being very excited by this and tried to pretend I had done this before and knew the ways of the business world. Did you know you just walk up and mix your own drinks, the G&T for lunch she made me was definitely not a single or a double for that matter, and the food was not for the dieting and its all free. Having had a very bad stomach on the train on the way down though neither alcohol or rich food were sitting well so I ended up running to Boots for Imodium to get me through the 9 and a half hour flight.

When I went to the gate to board the plane, my boarding card beeped and told them I hadn't checked in, which I most definitely had, but this was because I had been upgraded to first bloody class!! I was besides myself and immediately got on facebook to announce it to the world. This also meant a welcome drink into the cabin of champagne and then constant top ups whenever the crew walked past. Lunch was a 4 course affair (with a menu and choices and proper china and cutlery). Coffee was served with Belgium chocolates and tea was sandwiches and scones with jam and clotted cream, so all in all I put about a stone on, on the flight alone.

once landed it was 4pm Canadian time, midnight UK time, we went to the hotel showered and then into a meeting with the client at 5pm (1am UK time). By the time that finished at 10pm (6am UK time), I was so damned tired, that I didn't care that a steak sandwich, chips and a large glass of wine to wash it all down with was not the best choice or the fact I was going immediately to pass into a coma like sleep on a full stomach.

The hotel had only opened the week before and is as yet without a star rating. However it will be a 5* and was amazing, and so was the food, all in rich sauces, all salads with beautiful but fattening dressings and all meals accompanied by puddings. All coffee was served with cream and not milk and the list goes on. The client invited us to their dinner on the Friday night and the food was out of this world, as was the amount of alcohol flowing. This was the appetizer alone (although I hasten to add this was not just for me!).

Again the flight back on Saturday/Sunday which this time was business class but to be fair there is not much difference between business and first, was also laden with food and alcohol, and being with the managing director of the agency and some of the key professors in the field, I was trying to socialise in order to network and gain myself more work in the future (honest these were my reasons!). By the time I got home on the Sunday night I was too tired to cook properly so chicken and chips were tea.

It was a bad, bad week to be fair. Great from a work point of view, drastic from a healthy point of view. And this week how do I feel? - fat, heavy, sluggish and bloated (although that may have something to do with taking too much Imodium!).

On a positive note, even though I am avoiding looking in mirrors at the moment (another story) as I just feel big and horrid in a nutshell, I had a night round at my friends last night who hasn't seen me for a couple of months, and when she opened the door, her first comment was about how well I looked, and then she text me this morning as we did a fair amount of moaning about our aging bodies and deposits of fat last night, and said she thought I looked the best she had seen me for a long time and I should perhaps just buy bigger jeans and not worry about it, which has been a real boost.

I will check in on everyone elses progress and hope you have all faired better than me and displayed more will power than me which wouldn't be difficult.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Listography - 5 things you learnt from your parents

I have once again sadly neglected my poor blog due to work commitments over the last few weeks, but I am back now and hope to catch up and keep up with it. This weeks listography from Kate over at KateTakes5, is 5 things you have learnt from your parents, which I really like. I must say my mum and dad have taught me loads and made me the grounded person I hope I am today, so I have alot to thank them for. My top 5 things I hope I have learnt well and hope I will instill in my own children are as follows:

Your family is important, we may not like each other all the time, and may have our gripes with each other, but at the end of the day we will always be there for each other no matter what. I know and always have done that I can tell Mum, Dad and/or my brother anything and they will not judge me and will do everything they can to help me sort a problem out. I want my boys growing up with this attitude, and if they feel they can't come to me or their dad, then I would like to think they have each other. My brother and I often confide in each other and we both know that if we feel it is important enough to keep mum and dad in the loop, then we will do the honours and give them a dumbed down version of events to save each other having to do it personally. We also know we can trust each other.

A hug solves everything or at least goes some of the way to making it feel better. I suppose that last one should be a problem shared is a problem halved (is that the right expression?). Its true though as a family we have always sat down to an evening meal together and this was the time we all talked about our day and any problems we may of had, and what we could do about them. I grew up in a very open family and was taught to talk about things and not bottle things up.

Always look on the bright side of life (in the words of the fantastic Monty Python). My mum is not really the glass half full type person, rather the glass half empty and it does my head in. I must take after my Dad on that one. He always sees the best in a situation and makes the best out of it and I am like that too. From my mum I have learnt it does you no good to be negative about things and waste alot of time and energy on it.

My mum isn't the best listener (bless her she is getting a bit of a beating here - I should say at this point she is a fabulous woman who I love dearly and I would class as my best friend). Always listen to others. Now my memory is shocking, I am sure when they cut me open and removed the boys, they reached a little too high and also managed to remove my short term memory at the same time. But I compensate, I am aware of this so I make notes, physical notes, or put things in my phone to beep at me. My mum though, denies all knowledge of conversations we know we had with her, and its simply because she isn't listening.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Money is not everything, yes it is nice but mum and dad taught both myself and my brother that you don;t need the newest, shiniest, most expensive gadget to be happy. We didn't have much money growing up, we were taught to save for things, taught to respect our toys and books, and taught that you could still be very happy without the best in life. My husband on the other hand grew up in a family where materialistic goods were the answer to everything, and he has that attitude now. He always needs the latest, most expensive thing, and it does my head in and is the one thing we constantly argue over. Recently he has come to believe me though as I am sad to say my boys dont respect things and t'husband was really angry one day when Little Man broke something and simply put it in the bin and said oh well we can buy another one, there is a better one out now. T'husband thought this was a disgusting attitude and didn't speak to me for 2 days when I pointed out that it was him that had instilled those thoughts into our boys. He eventually conceded and has agreed they get far too much and has agreed to say no and go with my view that they save for things otherwise it is Christmas and birthdays only. Already they are showing more respect and also playing more with the toys they have.

Take part and let us know what you parents taught you.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Right I am looking for some advice here please.  A couple of years ago we bought a fantastic Sony digital camera. One of the small ones which fits really easily into my handbags (pre-children type size, not the suitcase I now carry around which would quite frankly fit the kitchen sink in along with all the cars, pens, pads, and transformers). Anyhow this Sony camera has been great, it fitted into suit jackets of t'husband at weddings as well and we loved it.

Recently I have taken it with me to conferences and it has been a godsend as I am able to take photos of the slides in presentations, and/or posters which make my job of writing the scientific report after the event infinitely easier. However  at the last conference, my poor camera decided to start having fits and just goes into shaking mode. It is like it is unable to stabilise on an image and shakes around thinking it will find its focus but never does. It makes a horrid buzzing noise as it does it as well.  I am gutted as I loved this little compact digital camera.

I am also the type of person who produces my camera at any given opportunity, I love capturing all moments, at Uni everyone always use to say they could rely on me to take photos of a good night out! Nowadays it is more about taking photos of the boys when out and about but once in a while I get a night out, maybe not quite as wild as pre-kids days but still good.

Anyhow I need a new camera and was wondering if anyone could recommend one. I need one with a pretty decent zoom, and good quality image as I am sometimes at the back of lecture theatres, a nice lightweight small one as well.  I have looked at a couple of Sony;s again, Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Kodak etc but to be honest I am a little confused, and always like a recommendation, So if anyone has one  that has proved an old and faithful friend, please can you let me know and I can then check them out. It is also important that it doesn't take ages to focus. My husband thinks I should check out lots of forums but I decided to ask you lot first as I know many of you take part in The Gallery and Silent Sundays so might be able to recommend.

I keep thinking I will just plump for another Sony but budget comes into it and Sony tend to be on the more expensive side. I am just a little cautious though of paying £80  for one and then finding it is not as good as I should of got or something

Right I am doing as my blog name suggests here and rambling, so I look forwards to your comments and recommendations.

MuMenTum week 3

Well I am back again with week 3 and as I promised myself I would, I did my little weigh in this morning and found I had lost a grand total of 1lb but I won't be disheartened as it is a step in the right direction!

I am still snowed under with work, so have not had time to do my Davina DVD and lets be honest its the school holidays in 2 weeks so am I really going to do it with a 7 and 4 year old observing my antics or worse still joining in with me! Same for running, I have missed my opportunity there as I won;t be able to go for a quick run either. However my home gym has stepped up a mark I have been using my old thigh master (it is my thighs I hate the most at the moment), using my bottom step to do 2 minutes of very fast step ups every so often, and then while the kettle is boiling I am doing aerobic stuff in the kitchen, thank god we are not overlooked! I have also been trying to make myself run everywhere I can, even if it is only down the street.

Foodwise I am still eating better (yeahh, go me!) and now that I have managed 2 weeks I am more keen to continue. I really am on a mission now. I am still eating the same as the rest of the family but have cut my portion sizes down and am also trying to only eat when hungry rather than because the clock is telling me to.

I am getting there, just need to up my exercise now.

I hope everyone else is having good weeks, and look forward to popping over to other peoples blogs for their updates x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

MumenTum week 2

I am a little late in posting this weeks Mumentum as it should happen on a Monday but I am still drowning under a pile of work that I just don't seem to be getting on top of and I was also sulking to be perfectly honest.

When I joined Mumentum I decided I would do a weekly Monday weigh in. I tried really hard last week, had salad everyday (made even nice by the fact for the first time ever I was able to pick the lettuce from my own greenhouse), I ate loads of fruit, didn't have any biscuits, or crisps, and yes I did have a takeaway but felt good about myself as I only ate half of it, instead deciding to leave the other half to re-heat on Saturday but as it was my mum and dad invited us round for a BBQ so I binned the remainder. At the BBQ I had a small burger and salad again and refused cheesecake after. On Sunday we took the kids to the beach and again was very proud of myself for deciding not to have an ice cream and when we ate out for tea I opted for Salmon and veg. So you can imagine how gutted I was to stand on the scales on Monday morning and see that I had actually gained another 1lb and a half, so that's 3 and a half pound gain since starting this.  I was majorly upset!

However, today I have decided to stop sulking (I still haven't succumbed to the comfort eating either).

So lets hope next week is a better one.  I need to increase my exercise, all I am doing at the mo is sitting at my desk but as I work from home, I have decided to try and at least use my house as a gym - weird I know but a friend of mine actually had a personal trainer come to her house to show her how to use it as a gym - really I am not kidding! I have found the last few days that once I have lunch, even if it is salad and fruit I am having a major crash and can't concentrate on my work, plus I am spending about 16 hours a day on the computer at the mo. So whenever I feel my eyes going, or concentration, I have got up and either done 50 sit ups, crunches which only takes about 10 minutes, or used the bannister's to stretch my legs, the side of the bed to do those dip things for the old bingo wings, and the bottom step to do 100 quick step ups. I also now have taken delivery of my Davina DVD but can't justify the hour it will probably take to do it, but it will be done at some point!

I haven't read anyone elses yet, but hope you are all being slightly more successful than me, and will pop over - if there is no comment from me, it won't be for a lack of trying, I am having huge issues with commenting on anyone elses blog, and some people have said they can;t comment on mine either, so I need to try and resolve this when I have more of that stuff called time!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Listography - 5 things I want to do this summer

I have missed taking part in this for the last few weeks, and I think it was me being a bit thick maybe and not realising it was being hosted elsewhere, oh well I have found it over at Keith Takes 5 aka Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad

So what 5 things do I want to do with the boys this summer, the list could be endless if I allowed it!
  1. Have fun! Last year I was working full time so t'other half and I use to try and take at least 1 day a week each so they only had to do clubs or the childminders 2 days one week and 3 days the next etc. That worked really well though as we did loads with them being very aware that we were not around everyday if you follow that, so I want to ensure that this year summer doesn't slip by doing the normal mundane things. I want to take the kids to all my old childhood summer holiday haunts now we are back in Yorkshire.
  2. Visit the Beach more - we are about an hour and a half from the coast and went yesterday and had a really fabulous day and we should make more time to go over there, the boys had a great time.
  3. Take the boys horse-riding, a passion of mine but one they seem quite keen to try as well.
  4. T'husband and I have been married 10 years in September and we are not going away on holiday this year. I am trying to work out if we could afford a long weekend to Malta which is where we went for our honeymoon. We would take the boys as we won't be having a holiday and they are desperate to go on a plane, just hope I get some more work in and we can make it a reality.
  5. Go camping! Now t'husband is the most un-camping type person there is, so this could be a challenge but I am determined and have recently discovered Rent-a-tent on the internet so we don;t even have the excuse of not having the right equipment.  It will be interesting to see how t'husband copes though as he is Mr Gadget/techno king and is never away from an electronic device so will probably suffer major withdrawal symptoms, might have to have plenty of alcohol for medicinal purposes obviously!
Go and check out everyone elses top summer things to do this summer over the Keith takes 5.

And finally to anyone who is reading if I don't comment on your list it is not for want of trying, my blog is a little broke me things, I can't comment on some blogs, others I can and it seems not everyone can comment on mine, so please bear with me while I try to mend it or do something about it! Thanks :)