Monday, 25 June 2012

Missing in Action

Yep, theramblingpages has been MIA for nearly a month now.

I decided to take some time out, time to spend solely with the boys, time to spend on getting on top of a never ending ironing pile, housework and garden, time to spend on sorting out my work.

I took a huge step back from many things mainly to concentrate on the boys. I feel as if all I do is sit at a computer, they will grow up believing mummy does nothing but work.

Problem is my priorities are wrong - I waste time during school hours, then panic and try and make up my hours in the evening. I have managed to slip right back into that this morning, I sat down at 9.30 to write this post and try and get back on the blogging wagon, and it is now 10.21 as all I have done is look at various posts on my blogger dash board, i have yet to even open my email which when I looked at it last week stood at over 1300 unread.

I think I will delete all, and start afresh rather than trying to catch up.

So time away has been fun, we've done lots, I have realised I need to be more organise and prioritise and also that I enjoy blogging and have missed it.

I might not post daily but I am certianly planning om blogging regularly.

Hello to all out there still and looking forwards to reconnecting with people


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bod for tea said...

Welcome back Mrs! Don't apologise for getting your priorities in order. It's healthy to take a break for a while and reassess. And wasting time? I call it 'me time' :D