Friday, 26 August 2011

Swollen Balls

On Wednesday we went for a lovely long bike ride with some friends. Part way to our destination was a big downwards hill which the 3 older kids whizzed off down on their bikes. Mini Man decided he would follow despite my shouts of protest about it being too steep and his brakes not being good enough to stop on gravel. But no, in typical 4 year old fashion, he knew best, until half way down when he realised that he was going far too fast, couldn’t stop and panicked.

You’ve guessed it, he came a cropper. We knew it was going to happen and were helpless despite racing down the hill after him.  The worst bit was he was running away down a gravel hill and I had visions of him being skinned alive.  Thank god for a quick thinking 10 year old though who blocked Mini Man’s descent with his bike and veered Mini Man into the grass verge. He came off in a heap of bikes and was clearly very shocked but other than a few nettle stings, relatively unscathed.

However, within about 5 minutes Mini Man was shivering and shaking and not even chocolate and a drink helped, so we decided it was shock, he then moved from the shivering into a raging temperature which is definitely not associated with shock. He had a headache but didn’t hit his head and just wanted to curl up under a tree and lie there.  In the end I gave up on our day out, called the emergency taxi (Grandad) and abandoned the bikes chained to a tree. Mini Man slept for 3 hours and woke as bright as a button. The temperature returned before bed and a good dose of Calpol soon helped that and he had a good nights sleep.
As he had been a little under the weather following the bike fall, I decided on Thursday to have a quiet one and took him and Little Man to see Cars 2 at the cinema. It was really good but when we got up to leave Mini Man started hobbling saying his winkie was really hurting.  Halfway back to the car, he was howling and bent double and on inspection his right ball was about 3 times its normal size. I took him straight to our doctors who then sent him to the children’s ward for assessment.

Swollen ball disappeared between the doctor’s surgery and the hospital and we are talking a distance of about 200 yards here. 5 hours and 3 doctors later they decided we could go home and just return to A&E if it came back. We got as far as the end of the car park and he was doubled over again, howling. So round we turned and back into A&E, and up to the ward. Luckily swollen ball made an appearance long enough to be seen by a doctor who promptly called her consultant in from home.  He arrived within half and hour but as you have probably guessed, swollen ball had done a disappearing act and Mini Man was charging around right as rain again.

We were admitted and observed overnight, and then he was taken for an ultrasound this morning which showed diddly squat. Just as we were waiting for the final examination for discharge, swollen ball put another appearance in, so we are now waiting to hear if we are going to be transferred to Leeds General Infirmary for further assessment, the saga goes on! The temperarture is just being viewed as conicidence.

I am incredibly pleased I have my laptop; however there is no wifi and no phone reception on the ward unless I hang out of the playroom window. I intend to post this via this method by riding my laptop off my phone’s 3G connection – don’t I sound technical!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I have very nearly not taken part again in this, this week.  I was feeling quite good and was even thinking there may have been a millimeter of difference in the tightness of my jeans the other day but then I go and ruin it all.  Not only had I done my Davina DVD twice, and done a small amount of running and some cycling, I had also been really good with food and when getting a curry with friends on Friday night opted for tandori chicken breast with salad.

But then along came Sunday and there I fell down.We had bacon butties for breakfast which I told myself was fine as we went for a bike ride with the kids, which ended up stopping at a country pub with 2 glasses of rose, a bag of crisps each and I finished both the boys bags of crisps off, a full fat coke, and a heavy roast beef sunday dinner when we got home.  I also pigged on some pick and mix that night. Yesterday I managed to work my way through a whole bag of wine gums, and the worst thing is I didn't really enjoy them but just kept popping them in my mouth one after the other. With each one I was feeling more and more guilty and could almost feel the fat depositing with each chew.

How can I nearly be in tears, and hating myself for eating them, yet still continue? I also had an iced bun which I knew I shouldnt of done and felt guilty while eating but still did it?

Argggghhh, I hate the way I do this, I just eat for the sake of it, have no will powere, feel guilty and then eat some more as I feel guilty to make myself feel more guilty. I don;t know how to break it, and hate myself for doing it. Once upon a time I was really disciplined, really toned and really happy with my body. Those were the days.

where has my blog list gone please?

I have just logged on and glanced down to look at the blogs I am following and what has been posted today and have a message saying 'you are currently not following any blogs' - whats all that about then? Where has the list of blogs I follow gone?

Any ideas gratefully appreciated!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fears and Phobias - help please

This is a post asking for help and advice please.

Little Man has been developing a fear of dogs for a while now. We are unsure what has sparked it, but it is steadily getting worse to the extent that today we were out in the woods on the bikes and stopped for breather and drink. Now being in the woods we kept meeting people out walking dogs, and both t'husband and me had noted as soon as we saw one in the distance Little Man was shooting off on his bike and taking a very long winded route round through the trees to avoid the said dog.

Just before we stopped for a drink, we had been going along a path and a dog had walked by Little Man's bike and he had stopped dead through what we now know was fear. He was rooted to the spot and it was pure fear, he was crying and squealing and took a while to calm down. The poor woman with the dog didn't quite know what to do and was desperately trying to get the poor dog on a lead, and apologising.  All the while Mini Man who is shaping up to be bloody Dr Doolittle, was all over this dog.

As a way to calm him down we got over the a grassy bit, and sat down with a biscuit and drink. He was just settling when 2 very old, very slow cocker spaniels ambled up to see what we were doing. They were lovely but Little Man went mental. Afterwards t'husband admitted he thought Little Man had been so scared he had wet himself (he hadn't). The more upset poor Little Man got, the more the dog tried to stick his nose near him.

Thing is he is now saying he doesn't want to go out as he doesn't want to see any dogs.

Its not just dogs though, he is the same with cats. If there is a cat in a driveway he will cross the road and walk glancing over his shoulder until we round a corner.

We simply don;t know what to do? What can we do to help him? We are a very active family and do a lot of cycling and walking and try not to drive places that we can walk to but dogs and cats are an inevitable part of each journey/activity.

We have tried talking and going through pictures before setting off and some days he is just wary and seems to cope a little better, but other days it has no affect.

When he was about 3 a dog did nip him, he was bothering the dog and was removed about 5 times, and told off, and I explained the dog would get cross. Little man didn't listen though and it ended in the dog growling and nipping his hand - it didn't even mark. Now he seemed fine about the nip and has been around loads of dogs since and never shown any fear. We have talked to him about this minute nip he got and he says he remember it and he knows it was because he was pulling the dog's ears and poking its face, and like I say suddenly at the age of 7 he has gone from being fine around dogs to being petrified. My brother nearly lost half his face as a 3 year old and he doesn't especially like dogs but ever since that day has always shown a dislike to them, and just been wary but it's nothing like this.

His fear is like something I have not encountered before, he is pure and simply petrified.

I feel so helpless and useless, I don't know what I can do to help?

My mind keeps running away and saying should I contact the doctor, CAMHS, a hypnotist?

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nee, Naw, Nee, Naw, 'ello, 'ello sir

Yep that's how my husband's drive home from his mam's went yesterday. My mother-in-law has moved to Devon but was back home in the Midlands for a couple of days so we decided to take advantage and piled the boys into the car and trekked down there from Yorkshire to see Nanny. I drove down in t'husbands lovely, new company car for which I am on the insurance - bonus. After a lovely day, fish and chips and a walk to the park with Nanny we decided it was time to head home with t'husband at the wheel.

I dropped off and woke to find a police car with flashing lights streaking past us, pull in front and slow.  This was the following conversation
Me: How fast were you going?
T'husband: Don't jump to conclusions, don't think he's pulling me, I was only doing 73 (t'husband rarely does 73 and was finding he could unsuccessfully pull round the police car as it wouldn't let him).
Me: No, I think he wants you to follow him off the motorway here.
T'husband: Oh!

And so the nice [policeman gets out of his car and asks t'husband if it is his car and if he would mind taking a seat in the back of the police car.

The boys found this highly exciting and thought Daddy was being taken to jail.

After what seemed like ages, policeman emerges from the car and lets t'husband out of the back, stands laughing with him, shakes his hand and tells t'husband to have a nice rest of the day.

As t'husband gets back into the car Mini Man asks him if he is going to jail, when t'husband laughs and says No, both mini man and little man are completely disappointed and don't hide it with 'awwhhhh, why not Dad'.

Turns out when the policeman clocked t'husband he was infact doing 93, not 73 (does he think I am stupid?). However as he was only over 90 for a minute or more and then dropped to between 82 and 86 and was driving sensibly he just got a slap on the wrists. How lucky is that?

Stupid Man!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Its that time of the week again and the sun that has graced us with it's present this week has been welcomed, after far too much rain for my liking although it appears there is a monsson occurring outside again while I write this.

This week my reasons to be cheerful are:
  1. I have had 2 days out with the boys and my oldest school friend (we met at the age of 3 at playgroup and were inseperable until we hit senior school, were in the same year but didn't really reconnect until 6th form, we've been bridesmaids for each other and our kids are similar ages). Anyhow now that I am living in the same town again, we are able to do things like going out for days and it has been fab, and felt so right. My friend's little girl is in the same class at school now as Little Man so we've kind of done the full circle.
  2. Little Man is coming on in leaps and bounds and I am so proud of him. Another first today, while at the Railway Museum, we were having a half hour in the playground and I saw Little Man slide off the top of the train and this blond curly head appeared from above laughing and was shouting my Little Man's name and asking if he was OK, not only did Little Man respond directly to him, he also reached up and allowed this new friend to help him back up. Even more shocking it appears he even asked this new friend his name and remembered it.
  3. I have done my Davina DVD twice, only two 30 minute cardio sessions but boy could I feel it in my muscles the next day, I have also cycled 3 times so far this week and done 50 sit ups so I am feeling good, and as if I am getting off my arse and doing something.
  4. I am really, really content. T'husband said to me the other day he thinks we made the right choice mmoving back North which has really cheered me up as I always worry that he did it for me and it wasnt realy what he wanted.
  5. Mini Man just makes me laugh so much, he is such a character!
Join in over at Mummy from the heart x

Monday, 15 August 2011

Mumentum - back on the wagon

Well I hang my head in shame over not participating over the last few weeks, this is simply because I have been a bad, bad girl and the toning up and diet have gone astray, they left the building and have only just returned.  No I haven't been away so have no excuse and neither have I been run off my feet with work. Call it what you want laziness, no motivation, I don't know.

Today though I am back and intend to do better.  I have spent the last week taking care of what I am eating again and felt very proud of myself when t'husband decided on a takeaway last Friday, I offered to go and get it and went to the supermarket and bought myself a fresh garden salad (no dressing) and some spicy couscous to go with it - that was my takeaway and I enjoyed it, while t'husband had sticky ribs and egg fried rice. Sunday dinner I skipped the potatoes and Yorkshire puds, and today my lunch has been carrot sticks and pepper sticks with humous, and some sea food mix followed by an apple.  I also set up the spare TV in the kitchen after coming to the conclusion I would not do my Davina DVD as our lounge window looks out onto the road. So I did half an hour and I can really feel it. I hope to do at least an hour 3 times a week from now on.  On top of this I have started cycling with the boys, so all in all I am feeling good, even though I am putting off weighing myself for another week as I don;t want to be disappointed and demotivated,

Once again, sorry for being so lack for the last few weeks,I hope to be back weekly now and with some results.

Hope everyone else is doing well x

Listography - Guilty Pleasures

It has been ages since I have taken part in Listography and I really wanted to do last weeks as I think it would of done me good, but I only started reading other entries yesterday and of course Kate over at Kate Takes Five has now published her next list. So I'm going to jump back onto the Listography wagon this week and think about my guilty pleasures

  1. Having my hair cut. This is a huge pleasure for me but one I feel is very indulgent as it is not cheap. I am very fussy about having my hair cut and who does it and would prefer to go without a cut than have a bad one. Since moving back to my home town I have found a new hairdresser and for the first time in years am back to a naughty 6-8 weekly hair cut. I find it seriously addictive, as a student I use to travel 80 miles home and pay £30 for a hair cut on top of my train fare every 2 months - how did I afford that??  My new hairdresser is a man which I prefer, quite young so thinks about what is in fashion, and the most indulgent but is I get a complementary Indian head massage when I first arrive for about 10 minutes, then when I have my hair washed I am reclined in a vibrating massage chair, with a proper neck rest so you don't get the basin digging in, and the way they wash your hair is all with their finger tips and thumbs like they massage. Once you are towelled off, they then offer you a Japanese head and neck massage for 5 or 10 minutes in this little candle lit area with low music playing, and then comes your hair cut.  I LOVE it.  Infact as I have been typing this my sister-in-law has just text me to say she is going for a consultation with my hairdresser this afternoon.
  2. Mentioning my sister-in-law brings me to my next guilty pleasure and that is occasionally going out and 'doing' lunch which I have begun to do with her, and old friends. Its not that regular but it has certainly helped me to get to know my SIL as living away since my brother meet her, and married her meant i barely knew her. We really enjoy these meet ups and tend to frequent the same place which is a little cafe/restaurant in Harrogate called Fodder.  If anyone ever visits Harrogate, I cant recommend Fodder highly enough (I have tried to link to their website). It is run by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society and one side is a shop with a butchers counter, deli counter, fruit and veg, jams, preserves etc. It is all farm grown, organic, freshly baked and from Yorkshire. The cafe also uses all these ingredients and it is well worth a visit, and overlooks the Great Yorkshire Show Ground so the views are of open fields.  it is not in the town centre but I think that is what appeals, and it doesn't seem to suffer for it as I have never yet been in and not had to wait for a table.
  3. Opening a bottle of wine and sticking on something like Mama Mia, The Rocky Horror Picture show, Grease, Moulin Rouge, Dirty Dancing (I love a good bit of Patrick Swazye grinding his hips) you get the picture and having a damned good sing along. This only occurs when t'husband is away or out and the kids are asleep. I love it!
  4. Spending hours on rightmove and googlemaps. I am sooooo nosey, and love looking at people's houses especially when people tell me their house is for sale or one I regularly pass goes up, I am the first to race home, and get on rightmove to check out their decor and room sizes and garden.
  5. Bald men! Nope seriously, it first started when t'husband made me sit through hours of Star Trek and being the starry eyed new girlfriend I did it, and really got quite a liking for Patrick Stewert and his bald head.
  I am not talking about people with shaved heads but proper bald heads. Think of Bruce Willis he is now going bald, Vin Diesel, Michael Rosenbaum who plays Lex Luther in the Smallville series, mmm, I just love a bald head!

Now that I have started thinking of guilty pleasures I could also add having a bath with a good book, and a glass of wine whenever the house is empty otherwise my baths are gate crashed not only by the boys but also t'husband!  Pop over to Kate takes Five and join in.


Today I did the most stupid thing in the world.

Little Man has ADHD and after much debate and alot of soul searching we took the decision to agree to a course of medication for him - this being the slow release version of Ritalin, Concerta XL. 

It was a huge decision and probably one we would not of taken had his learning ability not been so badly affected by the inattention and inability to concentrate.  At the age of 6 he was reading nothing, didn't know the days of the week, and had little letter and number recognition. As a result we felt we needed to at least try a 6 week course of medication to see for ourselves and give him a chance before writing it off.

Thing is within a week we were not only living with a different child, but we were living as a different family and hadn't even realised how differently we functioned until this point. Within 6 weeks other kids in his class began commenting on his behaviour and how they now liked Little Man or wanted to work with him. Within a term he was beginning to get the basics of writing and reading. I think these results spoke for themselves.

18 months on, we have a happy little boy, who loves school, is beginning to make friends for the first time, and is making slow but steady progress and getting to grips with writing and reading, and I would not take him off the medication right now as a result. He still has a long way to go and is still classed as special needs/learning difficulties but he is making progress and that is the key.

I think out of everyone we were the most shocked by the results, we had a very blinkered view of putting Little Man on medication and did it with a huge amount of reservation. I was worried about side effects and the fact it is in fact an amphetamine.

If you read up on Ritalin or concerta XL it has received some very bad press in the past citing problems with addiction, psychosis, suicidal tendencies and depression if it is withdrawn, a precursor to substance abuse, stunted growth, decreased appetite, and tics to name a few.

It makes it sound pretty horrendous doesn't it? However as a scientist, I tried to keep a level headed view and look at all the evidence and not just what makes it into the press, because after all, it is generally the bad stuff that does.  On reading up on Ritalin and its derivatives has been quite well researched (in the short term, sadly there is not much available still on long term effects), and there are studies that have been conducted in both ADHD and non-ADHD subjects. Studies which the press have reported in the past as showing a very negative view of the drug have generally shown bias in their study population, been underpowered to be statistically significant or in the discussion have actually noted problems with the study design. There are also studies reporting positive results and counteracting the above claims. We decided we needed to see for ourselves, we know our Little Man and hoped we would know if he was depressed or anything like that. On the contrary since being on the medication he is much happier and more out going as he can now interact with his peers in a better matter. Prior to medication he was withdrawn as he was always the one in trouble and he use to agree he had done anything when the finger was pointed at him even when he hadn't.

I also have to question whether claims such as suicidal tendencies, depression etc could be due to an inability to fit in, maintain friendships, hold a job down, achieve in school - some of this comes from a very interesting book I am currently reading which I will probably blog about at a later date. The leading to substance abuse again could this be due to a cry for trying to fit in, be part of a gang etc?An ADHD child is very much on the outskirts due to their behaviour, and older ADHD children often say they are so desperate to fit in they will try anything and are obviously easy targets for others.

How does Ritalin or Concerta XL work though? The actual name of it is methylphenidate. It is a stimulant, and works by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotansmitter with many different functions including a role in behavior and cognition, voluntary movement, attention, working memory, learning (the latter 3 being major problems in ADHD), sleep and mood. Studies have shown that ADHD patients have lower dopamine and noradrenalin levels than a non-ADHD patient.

As mentioned methyphenidate is a stimulant which we all associate with increasing activity, wakefulness, mental agility, movement i.e. give you a high and a sense of being able to continue without feeling tired, enjoy life etc. I am sure most of us have heard of speed which is a stimulant.  However to receive these kind of effects the stimulant is normally snorted as a powder or injected which gives it a very fast access route to the body and therefore brain, creating that feeling of euphoria rapidly and giving the said 'high'.  When methylphenidate is given in small controlled doses as a tablet, it takes up to 60 minutes to be absorbed and reach the brain which avoids that instant high and there is no feeling of euphoria, and studies have shown there is no more of a danger of an ADHD child taking a prescribed, controlled stimulant seeking to try recreational/harder drugs than a non- ADHD child.

The most interesting thing about methylphenidate though is the fact there is a belief that in an ADHD patient, it has the effect of calming and focusing the mind. By increasing the levels of dopamine which are low in ADHD, it decreasing impulsiveness and increases concentration, basically allowing someone with ADHD to function to the best of 'normal' abilities. However in a non-ADHD subject there is evidence to suggest that it has the opposite effect and does in fact act as a stimulant and if taken not only does it increase alertness, it also gives a sense of being jittery, being able to continue without tiredness, talk constantly, be on the go and a certain sense of euphoria.  There are also studies though to suggest that this is just a myth.

This brings me to my stupid mistake this morning - and having written the above paragraph I am sure you may guess where this is leading.  I was holding Little Man's concerta XL in my hand and filling a glass of water, popped what I thought was paracetamol into my mouth and as I swallowed and felt it slipping down my throat realised my mistake.  Little Man did as well, and though it was quite funny.  I was all ready to ring the out of hours doctor until t'husband reminded me there was a huge issue of student taking Ritalin to increase exam performance.

Now I am pretty sensitive to caffeine, I can't even drink caffeinated tea as it makes me feel very funny (only way to describe it) and if I have more than 3 cups of coffee, I feel pretty shaky.  Little Man is on 36 mg. However, now I have done my personal research I can honestly say it does have the effect of a stimulant.  I have been racing all day, feeling supercharged (and not in the best way), I haven't wanted to sit down and do anything until now, just wanted to be doing things, finishing things (not a bad thing). However its not been a nice feeling, I really didn't like it. The words jittery limbs is a good description. The feeling I have had today has reminded me of the film Limitless, and I imagine it was a pretty similar effect but to a lesser degree.

This feeling I have had all day has really alarmed me. If Little Man feels like this, then I don't want that. I have spoken to him tonight and asked him how his brain and body feels before he takes his tablet and his exact words were 'my brain spins round in my head and doesn't stop and it is all over the place and very naughty'. I then asked how he feels after his tablet and he said 'after a while my brain slows down and then stops and I like to think then and look at my books because they make more sense'. I think that speaks for itself. Another way to look at it (and this is the clinical scientist coming into play) is I take HRT as I have had a hysterectomy and am too young to be missing those vital hormones. For me, the HRT is giving me a 'normal' level of hormones for someone my age which I would otherwise be missing.  If my friend who has her ovaries and uterus were to take them, then she would get bad side effects as she would have way too much oestrogen and progesterone. Or I guess a diabetic takes insulin as they don't produce enough, if a non-diabetic took insulin, then they would end up in hospital.

Anyhow, after my little chat with Little Man I feel a little happier he has a very different experience of the drug to me, but if I ever feel that is changing then he is straight off it. He certainly does not give the impression of someone on speed!

I am currently trying to research more into ADHD, different techniques especially on learning and also autistic spectral disorder which Little Man also has. Although Little Man is making progress in his school work it is very slow, and I am also thinking he may have dyslexia which requires a different method of teaching. To speak to Little Man is a very intelligent little boy and amazes everyone with what he knows, on paper however it is not reflected. We know he has potential and think he just needs a different way to unlock that. He is now becoming aware he is behind though as keeps asking over the summer to read with us and learn things so he can be the 'smae as the other children in my class'.

Please note anything written here about the way Ritalin works, and any evidence I have read is my personal opinion and also my words and interpretation, it is by no means quoting data.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Friday, 12 August 2011

Does anyone use Disqus for comments?

Please help!
I am trying to install Disqus for comments and just don't seem to be able to do it.  I have registered for Disqus, verified it etc and then try and follow the installation instructions but can't as my blog doesnt seem to match them.  I am asked to do the below:

  1. Find the name of your blog on your dashboard, and click the Template link next to it. If this link says Layout instead, then it's already upgraded and you can skip the rest of these steps.
This is where I hit problems as I do not get the above options instead I am seeing this:

Email posting
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I have tried to follow the below using Design instead but it doesn't work.  HELP PLEASE!!  Any ideas?????????
  1. On the Template page you should see the standard window of HTML code. Now look in the navigation links for the tab that says Customize Your Design and click it.
  2. You'll get a message explaining that Blogger will make a backup of your current template and replace it with an upgraded one. The backup will be made available indefinitely, so you can revert back to it later if you need to. Click the Upgrade Your Template button to continue.
  3. Choose one of our default template designs. You'll be able to modify it all you want, once you pick one of these as the starting point. Click Save Template when you've made your choice.
Now you're all set. You'll end up on the new Page Elements tab, where you can start arranging things however you like. If you want to know more about using these new features before you dive in, you can read about them here: Layout Guide and Fonts & Colors. Have fun!

Trying to sort the old commenting thing again

OK this is just a quick post as I am still gtrying to figure out how to install Disqis as my comments system and have just tried something else to try and make it work so am writing a quick post, please let me know how the commenting goes!

Reason to be cheerful

I love doing this post on a weekly basis and evaluating my week, and sharing it.  My reasons this week to be cheerful are as follows:

  1. In the last 7 days I have spent some real quality time with my 2 little men, after a couple of months of hard work and little time.  We have been to Pizza hut for a treat, on a mini road trip, tramped through woods, scaled wooden climbing frames, sailed remote control boats, been out cycling, watched a DVD together (a rare occurrence), baked, visited Grannie and Grandad, blown bubbles in the garden, played football, had lazy mornings snuggling in our bed and generally had good fun.
  2. In the last 7 days I have also caught up some some very old, very good friends, starting this time last week with the visit of BareNakedMummy and her family, Saturday with a mutual friend of BNM's and mine from Uni days and her family, then the boys and me popped back down to our old town in the Sauff of the country and saw the boys old childminder who is a good friend, the boys god parents, old neighbours 2 of whom are in their 80's and were over the moon to see the boys and told me they thought of them as their own as they had known them since birth, and then yesterday went out with one of my oldest friends and her 2 kids.  I love seeing old friends.
  3. I am also incredibly thankful not to be living in a town where the mindless yobs of our society today are rampaging through.  My thought go out to all the families affected.  We had a minor brush with some trouble in Watford on Tuesday night when we should of stayed in the town centre Travelodge, but I fled after an hour to a friend's floor as I was worried about the amount of gangs stood around outside and the fighting between some in the street, plus the jeering and shouting which was unsettling the boys.  After what had happened elsewhere I did not want to stick around to see if it escalated further.
  4. I am really looking forwards to a lovely family weekend with the boys and t'husband.  We have nothing special planned but we always try and go off and do something with the boys.
  5. My niece has finally found her feet and is feeling very proud of herself!
If you want to share your reasons for being cheerful, visit Mummy from the Heart blog and add your link.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Gallery - Water

Sticky Fingers runs The Gallery every Wednesday and this week has picked the theme Water, possibly inspired by the beautiful weather (not) that we have been having here in the UK recently.

Water seems to have played quite a part in our lives over the last few weeks with the boys splashing about so much in the bath one night, that I was wondeirng why my legs kept feeling like they were being splattered as I loaded the dishwater, and eventually established we had water coming through the kitchen ceiling. I had to unscrew the side of the bath and get a towel under it quickly. Then we have also been to the paddling pool and the boating pool lots,

but the below photo just makes me smile so much. I recently went to Switzerland for the first time and was blown away by the scenary, and this was the view I awoke to every morning for 4 days.

New comment system

OK I am trying a new comment system - Disqus but am not convinced that I have done it right as nothing seems to have changed for me, so if you could leave me a comment and let me know if it comes up as Disqus for you, I would appreciate it!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

Well I am back yet again, after yet another period of silence and inactivity on my blog.  However this can only be a good thing as it means I have been busy with work.  I have loads of reasons to be cheerful this week and was desperate to find the time to share them, so here goes:

  1. I saw some of my closest friends this weekend. 17 years ago BareNakedMummy, my husband, Kitty, her husband M and I all started at Uni together, who would of thought 17 years later we would all be meeting up with our own kids playing together! BareNakedMummy was on her hols in my neck of the woods last week and after they left their cottage they came over and had a sleep over at ours, curry and wine. Mini Man is now apparently betrothed to Car, and Little Man was obviously very taken with the lovely Bel as he even let her not only look at his treasure tin and box of club penguin toys but actually touch and play with them. The following day Kitty, M and kids came and joined us and we all had a massive brunch together.
  2. I had another really good month workwise in July and although I am very quiet this month and probably will only earn a couple of hundred, June and July income has more than covered me, and made me very happy indeed.
  3. I was asked with 4 days notice to go to Vancouver to cover a meeting for someone who could no longer attend.  Sadly I only saw the meeting rooms and hotel while being in Vancouver but I did get upgraded to first class and was very, very impressed. If only I could always fly like that!
  4. Not only did I get paid well for attending the meeting and enjoy luxury travel, I was then sent a case, yes 12 bottles of wine to say thank you for stepping in at such short notice, which was very unexpected.
  5. Little Man has been given the official Autistic Spectral Disorder label and within a week of it seems to have taken on the attitude of 'yeah right, I'll show you all' and has progressed in not just leaps and bounds but more like long jumps and high jumps.  In the last few weeks he has done more to astound us than we can think of such as bringing himself out of a melt down over us mentioning we are taking the carpet up for wood flooring, letting someone else look AND play with his prized possessions, going to a girl's party and participating in everything which resulting in t'husband arriving to pick him up and finding him sporting an electric green hair extension, electric blue mascara, eyeshadow and matching nail polish, 2 manly tattoos on his arm and some lip gloss (last time I go away with work and leave the boys with t'husband!!).  He won;t normally even let you put hair gel in or have his face painted, and finally he agreed to try something new without any pre-preparation!
  6. We are in a position to get a little more work done on the house.
  7. I am taking the boys for an overnight stay in a travel lodge in our old town to catch up with some old friends tomorrow.
  8. T'husband is working in Cambridge next Monday so we are going to all go down on the Saturday morning and stay in a B&B or travel lodge, and make a weekend of it, and by pure coincidence a very good friend who is away in Switzerland at the mo is home that weekend and not flying back until the Monday evening.
I think I could go on as well, as there is loads to be happy about this week, but I won't as I have a couple of writing tests for some potential work to complete and need to get on with them. if you fancy sharing your cheerful week then pop over to Mummy at the Heart's blog and take part.