Monday, 3 December 2012

The things the boys say......

At the weekend it was t'husband's birthday so we decided we would go out for a meal on Saturday night and Grandad was drafted in to babysit.

I called down the stairs late afternoon and asked t'husband where he fancied eating so I could book a table and Mini Man replied

MM: the pub is good to eat in you know

Me: Thanks for that Mini Man, did you hear that Daddy?

Daddy: I think we'll go into town, either the steakhouse or chinese

Later on that evening, I started cooking for the boys and Mini Man wonders into the kitchen

MM: Hang on, I thought we were eating in the pub

Me: No sweetheart Mummy and Daddy are going out and you will be with Grandad so I am cooking your tea

MM: Big tears at this point, folded arms and stroppy face 'well that is not fair at all, I always invite Daddy to my birthday parties'


This evening t'husband was sat at his computer which is behind the dining room table while the boys were finishing their tea and was looking at the news (if you call The Sun online news that is), and Little Man turned round as t'husband flicked past a picture of someone in a bikini and then the same person sat in a car, then on the beach, and Little Man suddenly said

'Whoooaaa, look at those ladies' blushed and started giggling.

I think the hormones maybe beginning to kick in!

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