Monday, 28 October 2013

The Little Things in life - lurkers!

I came on here tonight before bed to blog about my all consuming school issue.

Instead though I am going to blog about the little things. The other day I was reading something about depression and the article said when you see someone who is down or upset or look like they are struggling, sometimes a simple smile or gesture of friendship/kindness is enough to change their day - and it is so true.

Yesterday I was feeling low, very low, on the verge of tears all day (tiredness doesn't help), and I blogged, first time in months and said I was waving my hands and saying help.

A lovely comment has appeared from a self confessed lurker, someone who reads and never comments, but yesterday she did, she sent me a message, a little support, a much needed virtual hug and it has lifted my whole day, it has really touched me and made a difference, so thank you!

It is so true just a little gesture can make a huge difference x


EssexHebridean said...

Absolutely right!

Lorri said...

I got it! Tears pricked in my eyes as I read your message about how much my comment meant to you. I almost didn't send it as I had no advise to give but then I realised that there have times that all I've needed was for someone to listen, give me hug and to know that I wasn't alone. I now have a big cheesy grin on my face so thank you! Lorri x

Sarah Mac said...

Just dropped by to say I miss seeing you around xx