Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer holidays

So this summer I have made a conscious decision that I am going to do something with my boys every day.

I work from home so in theory should be able to plan my hour around the kids - that was the idea. Freelance - be my own boss.

Ha, I have never worked so hard.

Don't get me wrong, I get to do practically every school run, I can help sell icepops with the pta in the school playground, I can go to each assembly or school event without too much guilt, take the boys to swimming lessons at 4.30 etc, but in return I am often at my computer by 6.00am, earlier if there is a school event, and there until late at night.

Last summer, I declared I would work mornings, and do something every afternoon.

It didn't work, as emails would start flooding in throughout the morning, making me feel I needed to respond so at 3.30pm I was shoving the boys out of the door and going for a quick bike ride, or to the rocks to climb or the valley gardens to play just to make me feel better that we had done something.

Today I hope is the start of a new era - I was at my computer by 6.00am, I've done a few hours work, we are going out at 10.30 for a bike ride and I intend to get home for 3.00 and can get another 3 hours in before tea - still doing 6 hours work.

I am determined to do this instead, go out mornings, work afternoons/evenings where I can

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