Sunday, 4 August 2013

May Day, May Day is there anyone out there?

I wonder if I should start by introducing myself and adding myself to the Newbies group on BritMums as I have been crapper than a crap, crap thing at maintaining this blog!

However after our first proper holiday with the kids (age 6 and 9 - yes really) and actually stopping and relaxing, I have come back feeling like a different person. Corny but true. I even managed to turn my email off on my phone and didn't put it back on until we were physically back in the house, no calls, minimal texting - only to my mother to let her know we had arrived and then a few random ones to let her know some exotic Spanish Ebola type virus had not struck us down during our shenanigans out there - you know what mother's are like (of course I will be nothing like that :D).

Anyhow yes new me, meaning better outlook on life. As I have always said I miss my blogging but I have to work out what I like to do and what I need to do and I am afraid as is the case for many, work comes first. The 10 day break did show me though that I have become a bit of a workaholic and have lost sight of the things I enjoy such as marathon calls to friends, spending proper time with the kids, walking away from work and thinking 'it can wait until tomorrow'. When working in an office I managed it nightly, just because my office is the spare bedroom in our house, it shouldn't make a difference.

So I would like to say I will be blogging more, I would like to try! Maybe though the fact no-one seems to have missed me, shown no indication of having noticed my blog has been dead (other than one and you know who you are as we spoke the other night!), might be an indication I should just give it up! Only joking.

So chin chin (glass of wine in hand), here is to hoping I managed to actually do some blogging

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Sarah Mac said...

I can honestly say that I have missed you RP and I have thought about you and wondered how you are AND I'm very glad to see you back. xx