Tuesday, 6 August 2013


So today I am at the point of chucking the boys into the garden despite their protests and giving in to the dog charging round it with them, peeing on the grass, ruining the new grass and leaving piles of stuff for me to then pick up before one of the kids treads in it and trials it into the house.

I work, and if I say so myself I work hard. I work from home though for myself and most days sees me shut away in the little bedroom aka my office beavering away.

Childcare costs money, so we avoid it where we can, plus they both now find kids club really boring. At 9 and 6 the kids are pretty self sufficient and this year I was determined not to fall into the same trap as last year and work everyday of the holiday and then at 4.00pm rush out of the door with them in an attempt to feel like we had 'done' something.

This summer's plan was to work mornings, as I get up about 6am and make a start so 6-12.00 is a reasonable working day, boys get up 8.00ish and tend to amuse themselves. Then the afternoons are ours to wile away, parks, bike rides, woods, dog walking, museums etc.

Yesterday I got caught in a very tight deadline and worked all day and I hang my head in shame that they pretty much spent the day in front of the TV or on computers/games as it poured all day. We did go out for an hour in the rain with the dog to run off some energy and play on the swings but still, screen time is normally limited.

Today I worked early, stopped at breakfast and we then did the Odean Kids club which got us home at 1.30. The agreement with them was I would work this afternoon.

I am now at tearing hair out stage. They have not stopped bickering and moaning they are bored, shouting, in and out of my office, and if they have asked for games once, they have asked a 1000 times.

I have said No to games, too many yesterday, in-fact I have said we are back to our normal pattern of weekend hour only. I am appalled they will not go outside and play, not even on the drive, not in the garden. Lego holds their attention for about 10 minutes, Nerf guns for another 10, outside that they both seem at a loss as to what to do.

What kind of kids are we bringing up?

It is a product of my own doing though as we hear these dreadful stories so we are constantly drumming into them they mustn't wonder too far, they mustn't talk to strangers, they mustn't even go 'home' with someone they might know if we are not there (based on what happened to tragic April Jones - I mean we sat both ours down and asked them what they would do if Fred's dad from their class saw them in the park and said he had been sent to pick them up by us - both said they would trust him - by the way I don't know who Fred is or his dad, I made them up!, but you catch my drift) so is it any wonder they wont go outside and play. Maybe I am slightly worse after working as a forensic scientist and dealing with cases like Holly and Jessica etc.

So we are now about to embark on a baking session with boy 1 and while that is baking I will be putting my skills into making an airfix plane with Boy 2.

It may sound better working from home but the truth is it is bloody hard especially with kids around.

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