Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hello, is there anybody out there?

I can't believe I have not been on my blog since the 2nd August! I knew I had had a long break but not quite how long.

Why did I stop blogging? I am not sure, but I recently checked my gmail account and saw a little message from the lovely SarahMac asking if all was OK as I hadn't been around recently and it gave me a little prompt.

I am not entirely sure why I haven't blogged. I think deep down it is because it is the time it takes, not only do I write a post but I then also feel I need to/want to read other people's blogs and lo and behold, I loose my whole morning which is not good when I work for myself. I also have this thing that I feel if someone takes the time to comment on my blog, then I like to visit their blog and read what they have to say and leave a comment in return, I think it is only polite.

The thing is although I have missed the blogging community and the friendliness, I don't think I have actually missed the blogging - it sounds stupid but it has relieved some pressure in my life and it has been a bit of relief, so it is with some confusion that I now find myself here again. I miss it but I don't!

So much has happened over the past few months and I have caught myself a number of times thinking 'ohhh I must remember that and blog about it'. Of course the moments are now long gone.

I think I am just going to see how I go over the next few weeks with the whole blogging, if I get time, I will blog, if I don't have time, then I won't worry about it.

In some sense it is good to be back - so hello to anyone who is still out there!


BNM said...

Welcome back - I had a break too and am not as with it as I was. I blame work and the laptop issue we have at home and the fact that Neb's pool has finished for the season and the next season starts

Sarah Mac said...

HELLO!!! :) - so good to see you back even if it's only briefly or irregularly. I get exactly what you mean, I've struggled a little too (as you know).

The same things bring me back, the people and the community rather than the actual blogging itself - it's a bit of a dilemma isn't it?

As long as you are ok that's all that matters. Hopefully you will find a little time to post now and again. I'll be looking out for you x

Theramblingpages said...

Hello lovely ladies, work is a bugger isnt it when it gets in the way of things like blogging! I am fine thanks Sarah, much better than I have been for a long while infact, I am going to try and write more often as it is quite therapeutic as well. Hi BNM, good to see you on here, will give you a ring soon but as Neb is around when is good?

Fathersfriend61 said...

Ha! I just came back blogging. Haven't been on since July! I have had many many brilliant ideas for blogging on my way home from work, but alas, they have all disappeared before I could get to my computer. :)
Welcome back!

Kateonthinice said...

Hiya - I took a break for obvious reasons. Today I had a lackllustre day and could have quite happily packed it all in but not for long no doubt. Blogging is there for when it serves you. Nice to read you again.