Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The FitBug

Has anyone heard of the Fitbug?

I came across it yesterday, you can read about it here and was just curious to know if anyone had any experience of using it?

I am currently on a bit of a fitness, clean my diet up and have joined weightwatchers online and an loving the app to track my food intake on my phone, it really makes me think about what I am eating and I am hping in the 3 months I have paid for, I will learn to rethink my eating habits.

This fitbug seems to be something similar but taking it one step further and I would like to know what others think who have used it as it is quite a bit of money but obviously worth the investment if it really works.

So anyone have anything to say about the Fitbug? I have obviously read the testimonials on the website but they are not going to post the bad ones, so they all make it sound really good.

I think the thing I need to be mindful of is will I really use it? Is it as easy to use as they say? Will I forget it? I have joined a gym and try and run a few times a week but need something to help motivate me........

Eagerly awaiting some feedback!! (hope I get some).

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Jazzygal said...

Can't say that I've heard of Fitbug. You're tracking your food intake and I know that that really helps. Personally I just do regular excercise, Curves Gym and track that also! Perhaps it depends on what's likely to motivate you more to do the exercise? Good luck :-)

xx Jazzy