Friday, 26 October 2012

I hate it when that happens

Today has been a pig. First day of half term, work has been very quiet but I knew I had a couple of things to shift this morning so told the boys I would work until 11ish and after lunch we'd go off and do something.

I made my first Phonecall at 8.15am expecting one other call at 9.30 and job done but no a storm kicks off and I spend my morning firing emails to Brazil and the US so they get everything for when their day starts and on the phone to Switzerland (I am dreading the phone bill). 4.30 this afternoon I am still in the phone. The minute I put it down, someone else rings me.

Thank god for grandparents. My mum & dad just happened to pop in at 10.30 realised I had a crisis on my hands and mum walked into my office, put a note on my desk saying 'we'll take the boys home with us, feed then and take then out this afternoon' let us know when you are sorted. How great are they?

Anyhow I finally picked the boys up at 5, gave the dog a run and got home to emails again and finally shut my pc down at 7.30. Boys were ready for bed so I decided to relax by having a lovely, deep, turning skin pink instantly, hot bath with my favourite bubbles - Sanctury. Sanctury is my slice of luxury. My brother replenishes my supplies every Christmas for me (he often complains he gets me the same each year but knows he will face the wrath of sn unhappy woman if he dares to go against the grain!).

Bath running, glass of wine poured, I pop downstairs to get something & hear lots of giggling from the bathroom to get back upstairs to the boys saying 'look at Daddy'

The arse had only whipped his clothes off and was nicely soaking in MY bath, in MY bubbles. Now I should explain here, we often share a bath together and we often race each other to get in and get the top end (kids at heart) but tonight I had not planned it and was really looking forward to a soak so what does a girl do? I did debate turning the shower on - cold, but instead opted for just putting my pyjamas on and sorting the wet washing to make my point. I was gutted and the offer of the tap end didn't wash well (excuse the pun!).

Anyhow I have made him go out to get food (I do it every week) & am now laid in a semi warm bath with no bubbles but at least I have my wine and some proper peace with the boys on bed (if I tune out to the Harry Potter Lego battle that seems to be going on in Liitle Mans bed at the moment), mini asleep and t'husband out of the house, always look on the bright side!

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Jazzygal said...

Oh I'd have turfed him out! At least he didn't steal your wine too, that would have been a step too far!

Great read ;-)

xx Jazzy