Tuesday, 12 July 2011

MuMenTum week 3

Well I am back again with week 3 and as I promised myself I would, I did my little weigh in this morning and found I had lost a grand total of 1lb but I won't be disheartened as it is a step in the right direction!

I am still snowed under with work, so have not had time to do my Davina DVD and lets be honest its the school holidays in 2 weeks so am I really going to do it with a 7 and 4 year old observing my antics or worse still joining in with me! Same for running, I have missed my opportunity there as I won;t be able to go for a quick run either. However my home gym has stepped up a mark I have been using my old thigh master (it is my thighs I hate the most at the moment), using my bottom step to do 2 minutes of very fast step ups every so often, and then while the kettle is boiling I am doing aerobic stuff in the kitchen, thank god we are not overlooked! I have also been trying to make myself run everywhere I can, even if it is only down the street.

Foodwise I am still eating better (yeahh, go me!) and now that I have managed 2 weeks I am more keen to continue. I really am on a mission now. I am still eating the same as the rest of the family but have cut my portion sizes down and am also trying to only eat when hungry rather than because the clock is telling me to.

I am getting there, just need to up my exercise now.

I hope everyone else is having good weeks, and look forward to popping over to other peoples blogs for their updates x


Dianne x said...

You go girl very positive this week. When I get my step out my 5 year old runs round it and I nearly fall over her. Good luck upping the exercise.

Dianne x

Liska said...

You sound like you are doing really well. Keep it up :-)
Liska xx