Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Right I am looking for some advice here please.  A couple of years ago we bought a fantastic Sony digital camera. One of the small ones which fits really easily into my handbags (pre-children type size, not the suitcase I now carry around which would quite frankly fit the kitchen sink in along with all the cars, pens, pads, and transformers). Anyhow this Sony camera has been great, it fitted into suit jackets of t'husband at weddings as well and we loved it.

Recently I have taken it with me to conferences and it has been a godsend as I am able to take photos of the slides in presentations, and/or posters which make my job of writing the scientific report after the event infinitely easier. However  at the last conference, my poor camera decided to start having fits and just goes into shaking mode. It is like it is unable to stabilise on an image and shakes around thinking it will find its focus but never does. It makes a horrid buzzing noise as it does it as well.  I am gutted as I loved this little compact digital camera.

I am also the type of person who produces my camera at any given opportunity, I love capturing all moments, at Uni everyone always use to say they could rely on me to take photos of a good night out! Nowadays it is more about taking photos of the boys when out and about but once in a while I get a night out, maybe not quite as wild as pre-kids days but still good.

Anyhow I need a new camera and was wondering if anyone could recommend one. I need one with a pretty decent zoom, and good quality image as I am sometimes at the back of lecture theatres, a nice lightweight small one as well.  I have looked at a couple of Sony;s again, Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Kodak etc but to be honest I am a little confused, and always like a recommendation, So if anyone has one  that has proved an old and faithful friend, please can you let me know and I can then check them out. It is also important that it doesn't take ages to focus. My husband thinks I should check out lots of forums but I decided to ask you lot first as I know many of you take part in The Gallery and Silent Sundays so might be able to recommend.

I keep thinking I will just plump for another Sony but budget comes into it and Sony tend to be on the more expensive side. I am just a little cautious though of paying £80  for one and then finding it is not as good as I should of got or something

Right I am doing as my blog name suggests here and rambling, so I look forwards to your comments and recommendations.


Lizbeth said...

I'm not sure if this helps but we have a Nikon and love it and my sister and her husband have a Cannon and love that. Funny thing is, now that I have an I-phone, I use that all the time and have almost stopped using the camera!!!

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The Rambling Pages said...

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