Wednesday, 27 July 2011

MuMenTum Week 5

I originally wrote this post yesterday and the stupid thing said error right at the end and then crashed as I hit post and it lost it, gurrrhhhh. So annoying. Anyhow I missed last weeks simply through being incredibly busy. I was asked very last minute to fly to Vancouver to cover a meeting, which gave me 2 days to organise everything including end of term cakes for the teachers (as per the boys requests) and cards etc, so I am afraid blogging was right on the end of the to-do list.

Its a shame i missed last weeks as I was feeling very proud of myself having been for 2 runs, forgone a takeaway, and also having done some sit ups every day, so I had lots to be proud of and lots to say.

This week though I hang my head in shame. I have not done my Monday weigh in simply because I dare not stand on the scales. I am leaving that one until next week.

As I mentioned I was asked to go to Vancouver last minute so Wednesday saw me rise at 6am, jump in a taxi for 6.30am and catch a train to Heathrow, so I had a number of lattes to keep me awake and a croissant to fill me up. Once at the airport, I meet with the managing director who told me we were flying business class and took me to the business class lounge. I found it very difficult not to give myself away about being very excited by this and tried to pretend I had done this before and knew the ways of the business world. Did you know you just walk up and mix your own drinks, the G&T for lunch she made me was definitely not a single or a double for that matter, and the food was not for the dieting and its all free. Having had a very bad stomach on the train on the way down though neither alcohol or rich food were sitting well so I ended up running to Boots for Imodium to get me through the 9 and a half hour flight.

When I went to the gate to board the plane, my boarding card beeped and told them I hadn't checked in, which I most definitely had, but this was because I had been upgraded to first bloody class!! I was besides myself and immediately got on facebook to announce it to the world. This also meant a welcome drink into the cabin of champagne and then constant top ups whenever the crew walked past. Lunch was a 4 course affair (with a menu and choices and proper china and cutlery). Coffee was served with Belgium chocolates and tea was sandwiches and scones with jam and clotted cream, so all in all I put about a stone on, on the flight alone.

once landed it was 4pm Canadian time, midnight UK time, we went to the hotel showered and then into a meeting with the client at 5pm (1am UK time). By the time that finished at 10pm (6am UK time), I was so damned tired, that I didn't care that a steak sandwich, chips and a large glass of wine to wash it all down with was not the best choice or the fact I was going immediately to pass into a coma like sleep on a full stomach.

The hotel had only opened the week before and is as yet without a star rating. However it will be a 5* and was amazing, and so was the food, all in rich sauces, all salads with beautiful but fattening dressings and all meals accompanied by puddings. All coffee was served with cream and not milk and the list goes on. The client invited us to their dinner on the Friday night and the food was out of this world, as was the amount of alcohol flowing. This was the appetizer alone (although I hasten to add this was not just for me!).

Again the flight back on Saturday/Sunday which this time was business class but to be fair there is not much difference between business and first, was also laden with food and alcohol, and being with the managing director of the agency and some of the key professors in the field, I was trying to socialise in order to network and gain myself more work in the future (honest these were my reasons!). By the time I got home on the Sunday night I was too tired to cook properly so chicken and chips were tea.

It was a bad, bad week to be fair. Great from a work point of view, drastic from a healthy point of view. And this week how do I feel? - fat, heavy, sluggish and bloated (although that may have something to do with taking too much Imodium!).

On a positive note, even though I am avoiding looking in mirrors at the moment (another story) as I just feel big and horrid in a nutshell, I had a night round at my friends last night who hasn't seen me for a couple of months, and when she opened the door, her first comment was about how well I looked, and then she text me this morning as we did a fair amount of moaning about our aging bodies and deposits of fat last night, and said she thought I looked the best she had seen me for a long time and I should perhaps just buy bigger jeans and not worry about it, which has been a real boost.

I will check in on everyone elses progress and hope you have all faired better than me and displayed more will power than me which wouldn't be difficult.

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Lizbeth said...

Work has bee super busy for you! And when you're traveling, good luck trying to find some healthy alternatives and time to work some of it off. Give yourself a break, I don't see how I'd be able to do it!!!