Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Getting into the Groove

As part of Kate on Thin Ice's grooving mum's linky I am once again joining in. I have been very slack over the past few weeks which is sad as I use to do this weekly and it is good to take stock on a weekly basis.

So where is my groove, well to be fair it has run off and hidden in an excellent hiding place as I am struggling to locate it. I am debating getting a GPS tracker attached to it so I can track it down!

Last week was very mixed. I posted a few weeks ago to say I was pretty low on the work front as I had organised and run a 2 day meeting which despite having brilliant outputs it appeared the 2 colleagues I did it with were less than pleased with me, and I have no idea why. Monday and Tuesday last week saw a second meeting in the same series so I was working with the same 2 colleagues, however at the end of day 2 they both said well done to me which gave me a 100% boost. Whatever I did wrong on the first one I had obviously overcome in the second and redeemed myself. Although i would love to know where I went wrong and what I did to upset them so much on the first meeting, I don't want to remind them either by bringing it up and would prefer them to have the one they were happy with fresh in their minds.

Friday saw me jetting out to Frankfurt for a 3 hour meeting which was a disaster for various reasons, if you are interested read about it here. I was exhausted by the end of the meeting so missing a plane and being told that the next available flight to East Midlands was Monday night was not good. it also shattered my self belief, I just felt only I could cock up so much, typical of me etc and it cost me £600.00 to buy a new ticket to Birmingham and then t'hubby had to spend money on petrol to meet me and take me to East Midlands to get my car, so a week that started well, ended in dire straits.

On one positive note last week I managed around a 6 mile run which is the most yet. It was a real struggle but I really pushed myself and yes there were times I had to slow to a walk for 100 yards but I still managed it, even after the dog tripped me over in the first 500 yards and sent me sprawling across the pavement right outside the supermarket on the main road - very red faced! I am actually unsure how far I ran though as my nano said it was 6.3 miles and my phone said it was 5.25 miles. I couldn't even plot it on mapmyrun either as I was so put out after falling over I gave up on my planned route and simply let the dog off in the lead in the field and lapped the field until I heard 6 miles on the nano, and I can't remember how many times I lapped the field!

This week though I have tried to pull myself together and on Saturday t'husband and I had a fab afternoon out and both conquered some fears which was a huge achievement - I will blog about this tomorrow, I have a new ploy to tackle Mount Ironing which stupidly is totally overwhelming me - well no more, I will tackle it and beat it, I got an email early this morning from the company I went to Germany for unbelievably saying they would cover all my costs and t'husbands petrol - which is more than I imagined, I had hoped they may offer me some towards it but never dreamed they would say they would pay the lot and I have purchased a slimpod and once on my nano will start on this. So lots of positives there.

So that's it from me, tomorrow I will blog about our experience of 'Go Ape'.


Sarah Mac said...

So, a great fresh start RP - put all that crap (can I say crap ....?) behind you, things are looking GOOD :) xx

Kateonthinice said...

That sounds like grooving to me. The dog and run bit did make me giggle - sorry. You are doing amazingly well with so much on your plate too. You remain one of the most amazing and groovy mums. Oh and yes please to the offer of help on the calendar front