Thursday, 15 March 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I have been very grumpy of late with my mojo and groove having run off and hidden in a bloody good place as I'd be blowed if I could find them, but it seems they may be skulking back home with the lovely sunshine we have been having, and I am not complaining, this week I am not having to dig deep to find my reasons as part of Michelle's Reason's to be Cheerful, so

  1. I had a horrendous day last Friday which involved a very early start at 2am, a meeting during which I struggled to stay awake and then a missed flight which left me 2 choices - to remain in Frankfurt until Monday evening for the next available flight to East Midlands and then they couldn't even confirm if my ticket would be transferable or if I would have to buy a new one, or stump up 600 Euro for a new ticket to Birmingham that night. I was not impressed when the silly EU neighbour of ours looked at me getting all upset and barked 'stop that now'! Anyhow why am I cheerful, well I paid the 600 euro and not only did t'husband surprise me by driving from North Yorkshire to Birmingham airport to meet me at 10.15pm and drop me at my car in East Midlands, but the company I was in Frankfurt for has offered to refund my expenses and t'husband's mileage without me even asking! How amazing is that?!
  2. I have just shifted a massive load of work and although I have a full week next week of work, it is slightly more relaxed without such tight deadlines and then I may (she whispers quietly) have some breathing space. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, finally a quiet period.
  3. I have just booked a 2 night stay in Edinburgh for all 4 of us mid April. That in itself is great and I am very excited. The boys have never stayed in a hotel and I have never been to Edinburgh and have always wanted to go.
  4. I am trying to convince myself this is a reason to be cheerful but I am not so sure. The scary and stupid bit about reason number 3 is we are going to Edinburgh for me to run the Edinburgh Rock n' Roll half marathon - eek. I am very behind on my training due to work constraints and am worried I wont complete it but I am not one to go back on a challenge or give up so I figure as long as I try, then I have done my best. Today I ran 5.5 miles and it was a struggle but it is my first run in 10 days and I had the dog with me and I think he makes it much harder work (honest). I figure if I can increase by 2 miles a week then I stand a good chance of completing it and if I run 3 times a week that equates to less than a mile increase each run which is surely do-able?
  5. I bought a slimpod at the weekend and started using it 2 days ago. Now I do feel I have eaten healthier things but I am also still reaching for the biscuits and chocolate but then I am only 2 days in so I am excited about using it and hopefully seeing the results. The other bonus was due to an error on their website it seems I got the slimpod for £2.01, they emailed me to tell me and do not want the extra money as they see it as their mistake. I love saving money.
  6. I am bridesmaid for one of my best friends in September and she has ordered a bridesmaid dress for me to try, it should arrive in the next few days so we have a Skype date (as she lives in Switzerland) booked in with a bottle of wine, and the dress hopefully. I can't wait.
I think that is all, I am sure there are more actually but I am tired and need to show my face to t'husband otherwise he may think I am surgically attached to my computer

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