Saturday, 10 March 2012

Yet another example of....

What a useless waste of space I am. Yesterday I was asked to attend a meeting in Frankfurt and take the notes to do the write up. It's a good opportunity as it is for the company I use to work for before I moved & went self employed & its to be the start of a flexible relationship whereby I help them out when they need me which could give me a steady flow of work.

To get to Frankfurt though I had to get the 6am flight from East Midland, this meant leaving my house at 2.30am in order to drive to the airport. I went to bed but didn't get off to sleep until about midnight for the number of things & to do lists running through my head. So on about 2hrs sleep I set off. I got the plane fine - only 6 passengers which makes me wonder how that can be cost effective but there you go. I even got to the meeting hotel with lots of time to spare. I met R who was having a nightmare with 2 of the attendees who hadn't realised they should of booked their own accommodation & the main hotel was full. The meeting was actually in a town called Mainz so I was set on a recci round the town in search of other hotels so I got to see some of Germany which was unexpected.

By the time the meeting started at 2pm I was flagging & infact my head kept nodding. Thankfully I record meetings so at least can rely on that & I don't believe anyone noticed me at the back, but not a good start to a new working relationship. I helped clear up after the meeting & then caught a taxi back to the airport with R. Our flights were both 7.40pm. I had been on the go at this stage for 16 hrs on 2 hrs sleep. The taxi dropped R at terminal 2 & then took me to terminal 1 which took about 20mins in traffic. I got there after 6, Que'd to go through check in, bought a sandwich to take with me & then hit security. The que was massive, there was a huge backlog of bags being scanned & then when it was my turn to pass through I beeped. I was frisked, beeped, infact the scanner didn't like any part of my trousers so I was scanned & frisked repeatedly until they decided I didn't have anything strapped to me or illegal contraband. I then had to get to my gate -furthest one typically. I reached it at 7.25, flight goes 7.40. Sorry last bus has gone, you've missed your flight and I, the airport staff don't give a shit. The plane was boarding on the otherside of the airport & after some begging she rang the airport management but apparently there was no way to get me to.the plane.

I walked off and stood crying In a corner. Once calmer sense kicked in & I went to customer services to request a change in flight. 1. This is a ticket booked through an agent, sorry it is non refundable or transferable. 2. The next flight to East Midlands is Sunday. 3. It is full. 4. I can get you a seat Monday morning.

I walked away, sat on the floor & sobbed. I know the managing director of my old company very well so in the end rang her to ask her advice. I could get a later flight that night into Birmingham for a sum of more than 500 euros. She was obviously pretty pissed off & made a comment we had cut it too fine getting back to the airport. I got my visa out & booked the flight.

I then rang t'hubby & told him not to wait up, that I was flying into B'ham and would then have to work out how to get from there to East Midlands to get my car. I expected an earful of abuse over the money & not paying enough attention. Instead I got the comment 'right its a lot of money but the most important thing is you get home safely, we will work it out' then while I am picking my jaw up off the floor, I hear him turn to the boys, tell them to go & wash their hands & to get coats & shoes on as did they fancy an adventure and being knights in shining armour to go & rescue mummy? This was greeted with shreaks of delight & next thing I know is they are coming to meet me in Bham & will take me to my car. How wrong can I be?

So 10.15 last night I landed, nearly 600 quid lighter & incredibly tired. We got home at 1.15am, me running on about 3.5 hours sleep in about 48hrs. I am both physically & mentally exhausted. I am also more than blaming myself and feel like a complete waste of space. How could I of let that happen? How stupid am I to miss a flight. I can't seem to get it right at all, ever.

I am home though & that counts.


Claire - Mummy Plum said...

You are home and you have 3 wonderful knights in shining armour that came to rescue you. Forget everything else - that's what really matters.

Claire - Mummy Plum said...

Sorry, just in case my last comment reads badly, which is to say..don't beat yourself up. You're not useless. These things happen. Especially with long airport queues. Bed down for the weekend and relax. x

Deb at Aspieinthefamily said...

What an exhausting journey back home; hope you taking some time out to chill after all that. BTW, you're not useless, far from it. I personally don't know how you do all what you do.