Monday, 15 August 2011

Mumentum - back on the wagon

Well I hang my head in shame over not participating over the last few weeks, this is simply because I have been a bad, bad girl and the toning up and diet have gone astray, they left the building and have only just returned.  No I haven't been away so have no excuse and neither have I been run off my feet with work. Call it what you want laziness, no motivation, I don't know.

Today though I am back and intend to do better.  I have spent the last week taking care of what I am eating again and felt very proud of myself when t'husband decided on a takeaway last Friday, I offered to go and get it and went to the supermarket and bought myself a fresh garden salad (no dressing) and some spicy couscous to go with it - that was my takeaway and I enjoyed it, while t'husband had sticky ribs and egg fried rice. Sunday dinner I skipped the potatoes and Yorkshire puds, and today my lunch has been carrot sticks and pepper sticks with humous, and some sea food mix followed by an apple.  I also set up the spare TV in the kitchen after coming to the conclusion I would not do my Davina DVD as our lounge window looks out onto the road. So I did half an hour and I can really feel it. I hope to do at least an hour 3 times a week from now on.  On top of this I have started cycling with the boys, so all in all I am feeling good, even though I am putting off weighing myself for another week as I don;t want to be disappointed and demotivated,

Once again, sorry for being so lack for the last few weeks,I hope to be back weekly now and with some results.

Hope everyone else is doing well x


Lizbethcole29 said...

We're doing well enough here and yay for you for sticking to a salad!

And Patrick Stewart is mine. You've been warned. ;)

Theramblingpages said...

Now I would have to fight you for Patrick, its the head and his eyes!

Tilly Tatas said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for continuing to pop across to my blogs and your lovely comments. I've not been on blogger very much over the last few months. Don't know why, just seem to have too much else to do and not enough time (though I still manage to knit!). I have a quick catch up with you now and again but don't always comment. I was really interested in your post about Ritalin. We're not sure whether Nipper has ADHD along with everything else.We have to wait another year for him to be tested. As Nipper has a language problem it's pretty hopeless getting information out of him regarding how he feels. Really interesting to hear how your son describes the before and after of taking the ritalin. I'm very sensitive to caffeine too so I can imagine how horrible you must have felt all day after mistakenly taking his tablet! And if it's any consolation you are doing better than me on the diet front. I swore that I would ditch the dodgy food and get going with the Wii Zumba when we got home from our week away but I'm still procrastinating!