Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I have posted about this in a previous blog but having just hit this nightmare again I am compelled to re-write the post, I feel others must share my pain and humiliation!

I wish I could say that bra buying was a nightmare for me due to an ample pair, I would even take the falling under my armpits due to their size when I lie down, the black eyes from vigorous running without a suitable support bra on, or the leering from men as the 2 bald men try and escape my low cut top.

Sadly for me it is quite the opposite - mine are so small they have been likened to fried eggs and bee stings in the past, they never even jiggle when I run or jump up and down, let alone bounce. T'husband has vivid recollections of finding me jumping gleefully up and down in front of the mirror at about 5 months pregnant stark naked, watching for the first time ever my boobs move, oh the novelty!

This brings us to bras though - I hate buying bras, it is the one thing I detest shopping for and put off and put off.  About a year ago t'husband decided he would buy me some nice, new bras and off we went to town. We went to Debenhams to get a proper measurement. I found some bras I liked, found a women (well quite a young girl), and asked to be measured. She measured me and then repeated it and then right in the doorway announced to the queue waiting and half the shop that 'perhaps I would like to try a more specialised shop or somewhere like Top Shop who catered for younger girls as they didn't stock bras small enough for me'.

T'husband as hard as he tried couldn't hide the smile on his face, people looked round and I resembled a beetroot. How very rude! She may as well of said go to Tammy Girl but I don't think they even exist anymore!

We then went to M&S and I got a nice, older lady to repeat the measurement but alas was told the same, my boobs were non- existence and they didn't carry many bras in a 32-34AA size or smaller. I went home empty handed.

However to add insult to injury a few weeks later I was back in M&S and noticed it was the last day of the sales and there were loads of bras and pants. I even found 2 in my size, and a few more which looked small. I tried them on and found one which fitted like a glove, the woman checked it and said it was a good fit and I was well chuffed.

Now it wasn't a fancy bra and not one that would get t'husband hot under the collar, it was more of a t-shirt material, with a very thin pale blue and pale pink stripe round it but it was comfy and one I thought I could wear to run in or just under t-shirt.

When I got home and unpacked it, I looked at the label. There it was in plain English - Trainer Bra.

Great - a trainer bra is the best fitting bra I have ever had at 30-something years of age.

Gutted to say the least.


Sarah Mac said...

Ok, it was wrong of me to smile right at the end there.

Simple solution RP, cut the damned label out!

Honestly, I've got clothes in all sizes depending on where I've bought them. If I don't like what the label says I just get the scissors out.

Given the choice I would go for small boobs every time. My sister had the most enormous ones and is convinced that I'm insanely jealous of them.

I'm not. Mine are fairly average and I like them but Id rather have yours than hers.

Oh, and NEVER go back to that damned shop again ok!

My friend and I once went into a very posh undies shop and asked to be measured.

The very snooty assistant said 'we don't measure, we FIT' and then proceeded to tell my friend she had a really strange cleavage, I'd have lamped her ;)

We didn't buy anything and I didn't let her anywhere near me.

Theramblingpages said...

At least it wasn't an outright laugh!