Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cakes, cakes, cakes

I have been intending on posting about the Children in Need cake bake our school held.

I love making cakes so enjoy it when they do cake bakes at school which are used to raise money for charity and for the PTA. I normally make a batch or 2 of buns to take and enjoy making them look nice or relevant to the theme.

These were my efforts for Children In Need this year:

For 1 hours of selling cakes after school they raised over £250.00, selling them at 20p a bun which isn't bad going really.

Am already thinking of my Christmas cupcakes and what to do. I went on a cupcake session at the school Christmas shopping night which the PTA organised about which I will blog later. It was really good and I now know how to make proper butter icing and how to pipe it in different styles. Stupidly I didn't take photos of my 6 cupcakes but I am planning on using some of the techniques for Christmas so I will have to remember to take some photos.

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Claire@MummyPlum said...

Wow. Love your cakes. They're fab!