Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Another year gone by

Today is Little Man's last day with his teacher. He has 2 teachers Miss L Mon-Wed and Miss B Thurs and Friday. Being the crap person I am I didn't realise it was Miss L's last day until we got to school this morning so have nothing prepared for Little Man to give her. I feel flowers are a bit of a cop out as we always try and do something personal from the kids, so I am at a bit of a loss at the moment of what I can cobble together for 3.00. I did wonder if I could buy a small plant and decorate the plant pot with some to Little Man's drawings for her. The other option is we take time to do something tonight, my sister-in-law works with Miss L's father so I could always ask her to pass it to him and him to Miss L?

I can not believe that another full school year has gone by, it is scary how quickly time is flying by. Little Man will be going into year 4 in September and Mini man into Year 1. They are growing up so fast.

I wonder what other people are doing for their teachers. In the past we have done framed drawings, hand painted mugs or plates, and cakes and I do like it to be something from them.

Any ideas?


NewMumOnline said...

I think "The Boy and Me" has written a really thorough post on this subject and the comments left on the post are just as informative.
Thanks so much for your comment just now - yes let's hold hands on our new journey to the new!
Liska xxx

Valmodonovan said...

In Ireland, due to cutbacks and job losses schools (well, ours anyway!) suggested no presents. Did not go down well!! The personal touch is lovely. I found as my guy got older, he just finished primary school this year, I got real practical and we arranged a collection, small amount from each parent and bought one big present with it. Was cheaper than individual presents and avoided competition between teacher only had to carry 1 rather than 30 presents home!

xx Jazzy