Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Getting that groove on

Its ages since I have taken part in this but then I have had about a month (or more) away from my blog for one reason or another.

To be fair I haven't had much groove at all of late and have been pretty darn unhappy and I still don't feel much of a groove but I am at least feeling I need to find it again and getting the 'don;t let the bastards grind you down' attitude beginning to nose its way in.

Last weekend I went to a baby shower which I didn't really want to go to, it is so much easier to sit at home, on the sofa and wallow than putting that 'face' on and going out and being sociable but I went and agreed to do a cake for the occasion which I posted about here. I did indeed have a good night, and the reaction to my cake gave me a real confidence boost as well.

I am going on a hen weekend this weekend as well to Bristol. I have never been to Bristol but know that it is meant to be a really good place to visit so I am looking forward to that, I also very sensibly booked a train ticket ages ago so got a good price so can look forward to 3 and a half hours of undisturbed time on the train, there and back with either my kindle or I am considering taking my laptop and shifting a report which has been bugging me - I might revise that idea though!! 

I have struggled a bit about the actual hen stuff, I am one of 4 bridesmaids and we all have done something towards it but I have found it very difficult to conjure up enthusiasm, partly because I am actually worried about the bride. When she falls in love, she falls head over heels, hook line and sinker, you get the message. Her new man as lovely as he is, worries me though. He floats from job to job, he is currently out of work as they have moved to Switzerland for her job so he is learning German and swimming, playing tennis and socialising all day while she works, She is so in love this is fine (at the moment) and neither of them seem to have much of a grip on finance. less than a year ago he was declared bankrupt and lost his house, after she had taken a 10k loan to do his house up. The wedding costs are sky high, all males guests are on a strict black tie dress code and not wearing a tux is not optional, the grooms attitude was 'get over the cost'. The discounted room rate it £175 per night, we are staying in the nearest B&B as a result, best man is in the Travelodge and they are both put out very few people have opted for the wedding venue and don't think its that expensive. I also worry that when they start a family and they both want to from the wedding night kind of thing, that she will struggle with him staying at home and her having to return to full time work as there will be no choice. I like to worry so hopefully it will all be fine, I am sure it will but I was the one who picked her off the floor when she last got hurt and when she falls she falls and I never want to see her that unhappy again

Anyway moving on from my concerns, I plan to enjoy the hen weekend, I don;t know many people but seem to have hit it off with one of the other bridesmaids over the email, who I am sharing a room with so its a good opportunity to meet new people.

I am also going out with t'husband tonight for a rare night out and although it will probably boil down a night where we decide to talk and air a few things, that cant be a bad thing either in the long run as we rarely get the peace and quiet to do that.

So that's it for me this week, I hope to check in more regularly now!

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Kateonthinice said...

Great to have you back. You analyze things so much very like myself. Enjoy and remember baby steps work towards getting the groove back