Thursday, 12 July 2012

Reason's to be cheeful with a G

I have not taken part in this for ages and it seems we now have a theme to try and do, which I am assuming is the alphabet. I like the idea, I took part in the A-Z Blogging challenge and really enjoyed it. However, reasons to be cheerful beginning with G may be prove more tricky!

One of the reasons I used to love taking part regularly in this link was the fact it is great to shout about things when life is good, but it also made you dig deep and realise that life isn't so bad when you were feeling low.

I have been feeling really low for far too long and stopped taking parts in lots but am trying to sort myself out now and need to remind myself that actually life could be so much worse so my reasons to be cheerful are:

Grateful - eternally grateful.

On the 25th June, a beautiful little girl in our town lost her battle with cancer. She wasn't yet 3. Sadie Rose was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was just 14 months old - neuroblastoma. She underwent gruelling first line treatment but her parents were told the devastating news that the cancer had spread. There was potentially life saving treatment for her in America and with the help of the town, her parents were able to take Sadie Rose to the centre in America. The town had fundraisers everywhere, quiz nights, non uniform days at every school in town, everyone helped. The target was £500,000.00. With the help of the town more than £400,000 was raised. Sadly Sadie Rose's parent were given the heartbreaking news mid June that the cancer was widespread and there was no more treatment available for their beautiful daughter. Just 10 days later she fell asleep for ever. Sadie Rose caught the hearts of the town. We have all mourned her. It makes me so grateful for my boys and their health. Life can be so cruel and unfair. My thoughts are with the family.

Good weather

The sun is out today - I do admit I had to google to find out what the strange bright, ball in the sky was that appeared to also throw some heat off it and I can report it is the sun. The sky is blue (well it was, bit cloudy now) and the sun is out which is always a good way to feel happier.

Good times

This weekend I am heading to Bristol for a hen weekend for one of my closest friends. I haven't seen her for a year since she moved to Switzerland, so I am VERY excited about seeing her. Lets hope I can relax, have a few drinks and a dance and let my hair down a little and help her celebrate her forthcoming wedding (which I am also dreading in some respects but the next reason why explain that).


OK so I am struggling with a G here but Google has led me to doing something positive and something I am finding very hard to admit.

This morning I used to Google to find the number out for Relate and have booked an appointment next week. I find it hard to admit that my marriage is proving difficult at the moment but there you go I have said it. I will go to this appointment alone, not because my husband doesn't want to or is not interested but because I want to and feel I need to do this for me first and foremost and then if necessary we can go as a couple. We all hit hard times, this has been bloody hard, it has drained me and destroyed me. I never thought we would be one of those couples. We do both however know where we want to go and that is together as a family and I have finally accepted that I maybe need to talk to someone. I just feel so warn out by it all that I now feel I am going in circles, so I am hoping this will help. The husband seems to have been able to sort things better and we have spoken long and hard which is the first major step. At least we both want to try and make it work. The day I got married was the happiest day of my life and when I said my vows I meant them and still do - til death us do part, so I will fight and I will fight bloody hard for us to work this out.

And I think I will leave it there - that is the first time I have admitted to anyone we are having problems and emotionally it is very hard.


Josephinedrania said...

Lovely post - my thoughts are with the little girl's family. Good luck with your Relate appointment. :)

Emma said...

Good luck with relate, admitting there are issues and talking about it is the first step and a brave one at that - I hope the meeting goes well and is helpful to you. x x
ooo a hen party! I hope you have a fab night :) x

NewMumOnline said...

It's also my first time participating in R2BC in ages. I used to do so regular.
I didn't even realise about the theme. I hope I don't get in trouble for my lack of "G"s :-)
Anyway, your post was really open and honest. I am so so so sad to hear of the girl with cancer but you wrote about it so respectfully and beautifully.

I am also having marital problems but never admit it on the blog. I don't know if either of us would go to Relate but you have certainly got me thinking.

Big hugs, Liska xxx

SarahMummy said...

Good luck with Relate. Sorry to hear you've been having problems, but good to hear you are taking positive action. Really sad to hear about that little girl and her family. Can't bear to think what they must be going through.

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Lovely to have you back, you do nto by any means have to follow the letter theme, it is just a bit of fun I am doing and some people choose to join in some weeks.

I am having counselling at the moment and it is really helping me, sometimes us tough chicks just need to talk. I pray Relate will help you. Shout if you want to, I think you have my email.

Mich x

Julie (Mama OWL) said...

Good luck with your relate appointment and enjoy the hen party. I'm so sorry to hear about Sadie Rose x

All you need is Love said...

I've written a few of these types of RTBC posts. When it's a struggle and you have to spin something sad into something positive. Or looking for the silver lining. Which is I think good to do. And you've done well with that.

It's so heartbreaking that a child so young has to go through so much pain and have such a brief life and oh her parents and loved ones. I dare say it - it's cruel. Not sure the point and reason for it all if there is even one. But these sorts of things do make you hug your own babies tighter. It's just so hard to love someone so much as we love our children - and to be in situations where you cannot control and protect them from everything. We have to be grateful for everyday.

Not new to the marital woes so my heart goes out to you. Everyday it's like baby steps and then some days it's steps back isn't it? Glad you wrote for this and that you are staying strong!