Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I'm a winner!

I am feeling really, rather chuffed right now. Before Christmas I answered something on netmums about Lego and the prize was a LEGO Creationary, LEGO Champion and LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Game. I couldn't believe it, I rarely win anything. The only catch with this one was there were 5 prizes and they needed to hear from all 5 winners within a certain time period for you to receive the prize.  They did say it would probably be February before I received anything and as yet I am still waiting so fingers crossed they turn up.

Anyhow, me, who rarely wins anything, never lucky on raffles or the lottery - in all the years I have done the lottery I have won about 3 £10.00's and that's it, but anyhow I am digressing, KateTakes5 was running a competition to win some Skylanders which my boys are obsessed with and I can't believe it, she has emailed to say I have won some! My boys (hubby included in that) are going to be so chuffed as they are the new characters Hex, Dino-Rang and Wrecking Ball! Only think that might be difficult to explain is where I won them  although as I've said before I suspect t'husband reads this blog anyhow or at least knows about it.

I feel all, well I don't know, I think its because I never normally win things (and yes I do enter, its not because I don't actually enter!).

Anyhow best get on with the ever mounting pile of work before I have to pack to drive over to Manchester later tonight to catch the 6am flight out to Rome x


BNM said...

Just tell him you saw some competitions and enter them, my excuse for everything!


Sarah Mac said...

Yay, well done you!

It's great to win something isn't it? I won a box of choc in a raflle at the weekend (they didn't last long:).

All you need to say is that you won them in a competition you entered online - it's the truth.

Maybe your husband does read your blog but if he does then he obviously respects your need for privacy enough not to mention in in which case you don't need to either.

Ok, the fact that he DOES read it (if he knows about it) kind of condradicts that a little but then lets face it, who could resist the temptation.

The important thing is that he acknowledges your right to privacy which I think is a pretty health sign.

Hope you manage some free time while you are away :) x