Friday, 13 January 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful 2012 week 2

I think I will launch straight in with my first reason to be cheerful this week which is this post
  1. This post is my first post in a month - I had a touch time leading up to Christmas and some things had to give, one being my blog and keeping up with other people's, but I now feel back on top of things and able to spare at least a bit of time to blogging so I feel really happy about this. I had been debating not bothering anymore due to time but it would be really sad to leave the blogging community even though I don;t have the biggest number of followers, i don;t care, I am constantly amazed at those who do want to follow me and my ramblings!
  2. My Little Man who has fought against all odds and been about 2 years behind at school due to his memory and concentration issues and has worked so hard that in 1 term he has not moved up just 1 level in reading but yesterday got moved up a second level. I am beyond proud, I am bursting with it. I think it has eventually clicked, we are suddenly making progress in leaps and bounds. My clever Little Man.
  3. I managed to get tickets this morning to see John Bishop when he comes to do a charity event in our town in June - apparently the tickets were sold within 10 minutes so I can't quite believe I was fortunate enough to book 13 for a group of us to go.
  4. I am going to Rome for a works meeting at the end of this month and have booked an extra night so I can see a bit of Rome and I am very excited!
  5. I have been feeling pretty rough this week with what I think is a virus which has taken me to my bed for the last 2 days which is pretty unheard of for me and my mum and dad turned up this afternoon insisting on picking the kids up from school to give me a break and it really made me appreciate being back home - for the last 7 years I have had no-one to ask for help other than t'husband who would of been at work anyhow so I kind of forget and find if hard to ask for help now it is at hand but I think my Dad gets that which is why they turn up like they do.
Despite feeling ill and feeling like work has piled up and feeling a mild panic about some of it, I am feeling pretty cheerful. if you want to check out other reasons to be cheerful, pop over to Mummy from the Heart and join in, its good for the soul!


Glenda Gee said...

Hope your cold gets better soon and it must be great to have your parents to help out. Congratulations to your little one on his reading ........oh! and enjoy Rome!!!

Actually Mummy said...

Oh that's lovely that he is doing so well - you must be very proud. It looks like you have turned a corner so good luck :)

Sarah Mac said...

Good to see you back RP and I hope 2012 brings you many more reasons to be grateful x

Ms Xpat said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :0) Welcome back! A night on your own in Rome, how exciting! Well done for you lil man.

Mummy Plum said...

Fantastic news on your boy's reading. Really heartening. Enjoy your night in Rome. You deserve it.

Mums-the-word said...

Please don't stop blogging. Here am I are 2.45am relying on you being there. You are real and true and hence help loads.
You deal with so much and come through it. Keep blogging!