Friday, 20 January 2012

Thank god it's Friday

At the moment I feel so busy that my feet don't feel like they are touching the ground. It is mainly work which is a good thing (especially when i do my invoice :)) but trying to juggle the amount of work round school hours is proving hard some days. Trouble is as I never know from one week to the next how busy I will be I refuse to pay for regular childcare.

Anyhow before Christmas I had a bit of a problem with 1 lady I regularly work with and everything I did, I got wrong - she even threw her dolly out of the pram and went to the agencies managing director and complained that she needed better work from me - bypassing me which quite frankly really pissed me off! Managing director was lovely though and said this woman was well known for doing it and I had done well to of made a year without her complaining. Thing is when you work for yourself you are very conscious that if you make too many mistakes/miss the brief/muck up, then they simply don't need to send you anymore work and that's my regular work gone, so I was very, very het up and stressed over it.

This week I have had to turn around 3 different things for this woman and got my knickers in a right old twist. I did one today under a lot of pressure having run out of time to do it, so literally just had to blast it out. By the time I did school pick up I was actually feeling quite hyper and manic from being so busy and not having a moment to breath.

This week though I have 3 emails back all saying things like 'well done, good piece of work', 'well done very tidy job' and just now on the last minute piece 'very well summarised, identified all key points, please send to client when ready' - No edits WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I am on a weekend high! I am not going to worry I had to work the day I took as holiday to do my tax return or the fact it still needs doing, or about other stuff, it seems I am back in favour with this lady. it really has made my day as I hate doing a bad job and get far too hett up about it.

Bring on the weekend, football with Mini man tomorrow, a long run, long walks with the dog and some good family time and NO WORK!

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