Thursday, 19 January 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

I am tyring to be alot more positive about everything, I let things really grind me down before Christmas and it didn't put me in a good place so I am determined to get back on top and do everything I can to stay on top. I have to relax a little more, be easier on myself and take more care of myself. I started the latter by trying to be in bed earlier. I am 7 years very sleep deprived and kind of felt that no amount of early nights would make any difference now so didn't bother. I am happy to report though that a couple of weeks of trying to be in bed before 11pm which 70% of the time is working is have a good effect, so life is improving!

Reason's to be cheerful this week:

1. I am feeling better after a bout of flu or something so tomorrow I am going to try and do a short run during the day with the dog and get back into my running. Despite both myself and my husband both being registered for the Edinburgh Rock and Roll half marathon he has all but given up on the idea of running it. I do not give in on a challenge and intend to get back to my training and make a serious effort now.

2. I am going to Rome in less than a week. It is a work trip and I don't like being away from the boys (they don't mind it as they get 'boys nights' with daddy which normally involve pizza or hot dogs and long, messy, fun baths). I have booked to go out a day before the meeting so I can see some of Rome and I am stupidly excited about it. I have never been before so would love to get to see as many of the sights as I can, ohhh I am getting all excited just thinking about it!

3. I got asked if I would go and cover another meeting in February - this one was a bit harder to make the decision on as it will mean 4 nights away, is long hall and means I am away for the wed/thurs/fri of half term. However, the money is not really to turn my nose up at, it is more work coming in and there will be the work after the meeting as well as a result and it is to - Miami! I am not getting too excited about this one though as I went to Vancouver for the same company in the summer and got 1 hour outside of the hotel in the whole 4 days I was there and didn't see anything but the windowless meeting room - so I suspect this will be the same.

4. I have made the decision that enough is enough on the state of the house and come hell or high water I will get the bedroom stripped (trying to removed woodchip which was welded to the wall about 50 years ago and has about 10 layers of paint over it is proving challenging) and re-decorated by the end of Feb, this then means all the new furniture which is in boxes in my office can be taken out, the bed standing upright against my filing cabinet can go back down again and I get my office back!

5. My boys are growing up, everyday they amaze me and me laugh and it is that ability they have to make me smile which makes me realise that everything else is pretty trivial.

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1978rebecca said...

Yay! So pleased you're back blogging. I thought you'd given up completely! I always feel a bit down before christmas, the to do list doubles and the weathers horrible.

Rome sounds sooooo exciting. I'd love to go. We booked once and then I found out the day beforeid lost the passports. I have never felt so disappointed in my life! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time, make sure you post some pictures.

Theramblingpages said...

Thanks so much for your comment about me starting blogging again, you've made my day!

Glenda Gee said...

All sounds very positive. The boys will enjoy the time with Dad and I am sure you will enjoy Rome. Hope the next trip away will be enjoyable too and i hope you get your room decorated.

Inside The Wendy House said...

I love reason no.5. It's my kids that keep me going through the tough times!

Michelle Twin Mum said...

I'm off to bed for a very early night tonigh, it does mak a difference, I have just realised this too. You always sound so super busy, I hope you have a great weekend.

Mich x

celebratingmums said...

Great reasons, well done on keeping positive in the face of real life

emsyjo said...

Great reasons, especially the fact you are feeling better. Rome sounds great too!

Herding Cats said...

Fanstatic reasons to be cheerful. Enjoy Rome!

Boo Roo and Tigger Too said...

Good luck on the woodchip, our whole house is covered in the stuff and I'm not brave enough to tackle it