Thursday, 19 January 2012


Last week Mini Man was called in for his flu jab. I think he qualifies due to his heart condition. I didn't tell the boys why we were going to see the nurse, just told Mini Man she would give him some medicine. Little Man was with me.

I sat down and turned him to the assumed position at which point he looked worried and asked what was going on. The nurse indicated that she was going to go for it. Little Man at this point was on the other side of the room playing with his Lego men kneeling on the floor so he could play with them on the medical bed. As the nurse approached Mini Man she was explaining to him he would feel a sharp scratch and then it would all be done.

The moment the needle touched the skin he howled and loudly. Little Man whipped his head round, saw the needle sticking out of Mini Man's arm and shot under the medical bed right to the far corner and started screaming at the top of his lungs as well which then subsided to sobbing and him repeating 'mummy I don't like her hurting *' over and over.

The poor nurse didn't know what to do. I was stuck on this chair with a sobbing 5 year old clinging to me, trying to calm him while trying my best to convince Little Man to come out from under the bed and come to me for a hug and to see Mini Man was OK. The nurse tried to get him out as well, and looked a little shocked when I had a little giggle to myself. It was one of those situations though where it was a case of laugh or cry! I was just sat there thinking how funny it would look to an on-looker. The giggle in fact made Little Man stop his repeating and look at me, come out from under the bed and come over to see what was funny. Once he saw that there was barely a mark on Mini man's arm, he then calmed down.

The nurses room is upstairs above the doctors surgery, so when we came down and all eyes in the surgery turned on us and the receptionist asked if I was alright, it was fairly obvious everyone had heard both boys screaming in unison - opps.

I just didn't even think about how Little Man would react. Hind sight is mans best sight as they say!

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Lizbethcole29 said...

Ohhhh ack, hindsight is 20/20. But you did the best you could and they have to get the shots so what's a girl to do? You did great!!