Sunday, 22 January 2012

Scanning moan!!

I always shop at Sainsbury’s. In our old town it was about an equal distance between Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and I use to use Tesco, believing it to be cheaper until I heard about the website which allows you to do an on-line shop using the supermarket of your choice – I think its Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s,  Asda, Waitrose or Ocada and it will compare the prices for you in all 5 supermarkets, so if one of the ones you are not shopping at comes out say £10.00 cheaper, you can swap and do your shop with them.
I used this website a couple of times and discovered each time that infact Sainsbury’s was coming out as best value for money so I started shopping there. I love supermarket shopping, and hate on-line grocery shopping. I get myself a coffee and my trolley and happily amble round the isle, browsing. I don’t often deviate from my standard shopping list but I do enjoy the browsing, seeing what there is, rummaging on the sale racks of clothes or looking in the home section, so although I have done on-line it has only been in times of needs when ill, or after Mini Man was born or timed for a return from a holiday.
Since moving North, we are now equal distance between Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s but I still favor Sainsbury’s. I also love the fact Sainsbury’s lets you self scan. It is much quicker and allows you to see how much you are spending. One thing I really like is the fact any offers are not deducted until after you go through the till so you think your shop is say £78, and then it comes up as £73.00 or something.  Only downside is you sometimes get a re-scan to check your shopping and honesty.
Recently I have re-scan after re-scan after re-scan. I have been to customer services about it as when you are doing a full weekly shop; it gets a bit much every time, or when you have 2 very bored, small boys with you. Customer services showed me that a few times in a row I had had discrepancies in my total and the re-scan one, but then admitted that 1 occasion was due to the purchase of a game which can’t be scanned and I said I had put through some veg on the belt which I had forgotten to weigh. Customer services agreed it was abit much as my many other shops had all been fine so apparently did something to try and stop them, but no, I am still getting them with every shop. Today I got yet another and of course there is going to be a difference as my mushrooms and bananas refused to scan so there’s 2 items extra already, plus the 3 reduced items I had, and I have been advised not to scan them either as they can trigger the re-scan system. I am now totally fed up, to the point that I am going to have time off from using the supermarket and use the on-line thing instead, and if another supermarket comes out on top, I will try them. It has made me feel like a thief!


Sarah Mac said...

OMG - I've never had a re-scan - I've had bells, whistles and flashing lights - I've had the whole machine taken apart to trace my money that it ATE - I closed down 3 in one fell swoop with an exploding bottle of coke but I've NEVER had a re-scan.

I feel ......... cheated ;) x

Theramblingpages said...

Don't! it is really pissing me off now! I feel like shouting at them, FFS I use to be a full on forensic scientist - the checks I had to go through with the home office to do that job should surely prove I am not out to shop lift!!! :)

Lizbethcole29 said...

I love to hate self scanners!! I get how it can be easy but if there is a problem then it gets messed up--fast. I got stuck at Home Depot forever and a day trying to pay for a light bulb and they couldn't figure out the price. I gave up and left and the worker were still trying to figure it out!!!

Katetakes5 said...

Well this should brighten up your wont the Skylanders competition! Could you contact me as I have no email address for you. Thanks!

Katetakes5 said...

That should read won!