Thursday, 23 June 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

I am going to have to do a very quick post today for reasons to be cheerful as I am really, really busy with work and should not be doing this as I spend far too long on it and waste time! I have a deadline looming tomorrow which right now is looking like I will have to pull an alnighter unless I shift my arse!

So Reason to be Cheerful this week are:
1. I have been away with work for the past 2 weeks but I got home saturday night, my gorgeous boys were still awake and really excited to see me and it made my day having both of them fling themselves at me and give me massive bear hugs.

2. I had the opportunity last week to spend 5 days in Switzerland, albeit for a conference but I did manage a bit of downtime and have to say I am blown away by the country, the peacefulness, the cleanliness of the streets, the sheer beauty of the landscape. Never in a million years did I expect something so amazing and I would love to return with the boys and t'other half, if money ever permitted - it is also incredibly expensive out there.

3. I am so busy for the next few weeks with work that I do not know whether I am coming or going, and am feeling a little overwhelmed and daunted, however, it also means money and will cover us for the next few months if nothing else were to come my way. I know me, and I know that I will meet the deadlines, even if it does me forgoing some hours sleep. I have to do a good job as I work for myself so if I want repeat work I have no choice. secretly I love the pressure (honest!).

4. The weather hasn't been too bad, OK a little rainy but at least the sun is trying to peak through as it is today which always cheers me.

I am going to call it a day at that, otherwise I will waffle on and get little work done

If you want to see other people's reasons to be cheerful, check out Mummy from the Hearts blog.


mumsarcade said...

Fab reasons and you really must let me into all the secrets of freelancing. Lovely to hear of your travels and work. You are rapidly becoming one of my fave bloggers. My reasons are over at

Anonymous said...

Great reasons to be cheerful, and encouraging and inspiring for someone who is also wanting to start freelancing!!! Like you I really should be working but can't resist the lure of the odd blog!

I've also always really wanted to go to Switzerland, though I had heard it is expensive. Always been fascinated by the thought of Geneva and it's UN connection (call me a sad geek!!!)

I'd also like to thank you for the lovely and really helpful comment on my blog asking for toddler craft and activity tips. I loved the one with the lining paper - definitely going to have to try that out!!!


Becky said...

it's fab coming home to kids that have missed us :-)

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Good luck with all that work, take care of yourself. Mich x

The Rambling Pages said...

Good luck with all that work, take care of yourself. Mich x