Saturday, 3 December 2011

5 top tips for looking younger

I love the idea of this listography from Kate Takes 5 this week, although I suspect my list is going to be pretty boring compared to some!

I think my best top tips to looking younger is:
  1. Not have kids!! No I love the boys and would not be without them, best thing I have ever done and my biggest achievement but having said that I lost my toned , flat stomach, fresh faced look and gained an attractive c-section bulge, permanent bags under my eyes, the haggard bag lady look to perfection and lots of grey hair!
  2. Don't wear make up for a day and constantly look in the mirror to see how old you really look, then the other 6 days you feel so much younger and better because you have it on!
  3. Invest in body control pants, tights, stomach ones - well everything, they are great for holding the wobbly bits in and making you look toned and athletic like you use to be in your early 20's. Note to self though, just because you can't feel yourself wobbling in various places and feel like you are in your early 20's and more athletic - you are not and it is just the half shandy you have drunk that you can no longer handle, confusing your aged brain.
  4. Hair dye - it is brilliant, got to use decent stuff though and not too far removed from my natural colour as I hate roots. I have only recently discovered semi permanents despite saying they do, don't actually cover grey hair well and a permanent dye makes all the difference.
  5. A decent pair of tweezers to pluck away those troublesome hairs that grow in places no lady should have hair that only older age brings (or is that just me because I am now on HRT at a young age?!!).
I am really looking forwards to other people's top tips, might try some of them out. Pop over to Kate Takes 5 to see what everyone else suggests.


Sarah Mac said...

Haha, love it RP and I would write a list of my own but I think you pretty much covered it!

ps sadly it's NOT the HRT - my tweezers are my best friend ;)

Jazzy said...

Oh yes, we become very inventive in our attempts to try and look younger....when we have the time! The thing about those magic hold-it-all-in body thingies is where all the bulgy bits go? they gotta go somewhere. I always think they get pushed to the top and overflow there!!

xx Jazzy

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Oh I think I would add a GHD, as well styled hair really helps, a friendly teenage daughter who will tell you the truth, including when you look 'lovely', and lots and lots of sunscreen xx

Deb at Aspieinthefamily said...

I definitely go with 3 and 5. In fact no. 5 is the one that depresses me the most; a sure sign of disappearing youth. Haven't got to stage 4 yet; still have blonde locks but will not hesitate to get it dyed as soon as a grey appears! Deb xx