Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Grooving mum's - being rash

I can't believe what I have just done. I am both a little proud of myself but also hoping I have done the right thing as I am having an attack of conscience!

At the end of January, I am helping to run a meeting in Rome. I have never been to Rome and I have always wanted to go. The meeting will run from lunchtime on the Thursday until Friday evening. I have no problems travelling alone as I have done this many times and infact enjoy it - it really does provide 'me' time. However I would be very, very upset to travel all that way and only see the country from the aeroplane/transfer to the hotel and the inside of the hotel which is what happened when I did the trip to Vancouver.

I have very rashly just gone and booked myself a night's stay in a 3* hotel with good reviews for the night before the meeting. My flight and transfers are paid for but I will have to pay this extra night but at £50.00 in the centre of Rome, (it was a deal and should of been £115.00) I feel it is worth it. I do feel guilty and that sensible little voice in my head keeps saying we should be saving the money, but I never spend on me, and do have some things to go on eBay which might help towards it. I will only have to get my evening meal and in reality I could take a pack of supernoodles with me - I won't! I am also VERY excited now! I plan on seeing as much as possible.

I also got talking to another mum in the school pick up queue and it seems 2 of her 3 children were premature and she was telling me about the Bliss support group she was setting up, which was launched yesterday. She told me I should go along even though mine are now 5 and 8. I did, although I was very hesitant and I was right, you could see people wondering what I was doing there as they all had young babies and quite a few asked and made 'surprised' noises when I explained I had 2 older ones. However, I did get a lovely long cuddle with a 30 weeker who talked away to me, and I did chat to a few people despite feeling a little out of place. I'm glad I made myself go.

I have also started my Bach Emotional Eating kit thing, only this morning so I can't really comment on whether it will have an effect or not.

Finally I have also taken the plunge and sent out invites to a murder mystery evening at ours on New Years Eve which I am really looking forwards to. There should be 8 of us. I got a severe knock in the summer when I tried to organise a summer housewarming BBQ / my birthday celebration and on the actual day I was left with my brother and wife still coming and one of my oldest friends who had said all along they had a busy day and would only be able to pop in for an hour or so. I was really upset so many dropped out at such short notice and proper threw my dolly out of the pram and decided I would never bother again. I cancelled the whole BBQ and we still have sausages in the freezer!! So I am praying we don’t have the same situation again. Hopefully with smaller numbers and the fact I asked them all about a month ago before buying the game, it should be a success.

This week I really feel like I have found my groove!


Sarah Mac said...

Yay - really pleased to see you are grooving again RP.

Think of Rome as a Christmas present to you and enjoy (you deserve it - NO beating yourself up over it!!!)

Hope the party goes well, sound like fun :) x

Claire@MummyPlum said...

The extra night sounds a real adventure. I've been to Rome, once, and I loved it. Head for the Trevi fountain, shut your eyes, throw your coin and make that deserve it.

I would LOVE to go to a murder mystery party on NYE. I think they're fab. Am sure you will have acceptances pinging into the in box.

Lizbethcole29 said...

Rome sounds like so much fun, I'm glad you're taking some extra time to explore!!!

Jazzy said...

Ooh... you have been very brave! Good on ya.... you are so right. This makes me want to get off my ass and book something I've been planning ;-)

xx jazzy

Mums-the-word said...

How bloody wonderful. So hugely impressed on all fronts. You are an inspiration to me. You can always invite me if someone drops out lol. Rome, how wonderful. Have always wanted to go. PS Don't forget to send me those contact details thingys.
Oh, I am so pleased at your groove greatness

mammasaver said...

The extra night in Rome sounds fabulous! Please don't feel guilty - it's only a little money, and you'd kick yourself for not experiencing such a beautiful city. Enjoy enjoy enjoy, oh, and report back please!

Polly said...

Hope you have a lovely time in Rome. I'm planning a trip for me and the little man for next year. Let me know what you think. The murder mystery sounds great, I've always really enjoyed them when I've been to them before. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year. Polly

Deb at Aspieinthefamily said...

Hi there. Don't feel guily about going to Rome; its only one extra night and at £50 is amazing value. I've been to Rome and its such an amazing city; rich in culture, history and so beautiful at night. So you must take this opportunity to go and soak in the atmosphere. Also, good luck with the murder mystery evening; it sounds great fun. Wishing you a hapy 2012. Deb xx