Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lumps of water

Today we haven't done much other than my attempt at a run with Dog this morning. I had to stop at the top of our road as he did a poo, I then had to stop to cross the road, and again to take his halti off when we reached the woods. After about 10 minutes of running I then bumped into 2 people I knew so again stopped, and once moving again, I hit a load of mud going downhill and was all over the place so had to slow again otherwise I would of been going down on my bum, so it was a bit of a stop start kind of run.

We have also started stripping our bedroom but appear to have lost the power lead to the wallpaper stripper which is very, very annoying as it seems to be a specialised fitting and not a standard kettle lead, meh!

After a couple of hours of scrapping we decided we would go for a walk with the boys and blow away a few cobwebs and perhaps have a cheeky pint if we happened past a pub which strangely enough we did.

At the bar the landlord asked Mini man what he wanted to drink - the standard answer is milk, but this time he asked for 'a glass of water please with some of those lumps of water in it'.

Well technically he is right, ice is lumps of water!!

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Lizbethcole29 said...

Lumps of water, that's funny!