Friday, 9 December 2011

Time to declutter and sort out

And by that I am not actually talking about a pre-Christmas clearout with the  boys, I am talking about my head!

I am fed up of my lack of organisation, I am a disaster zone, everything done last minute, t-shirts and jumpers for school washed at midnight on a Sunday as I forgot to do them, getting up at stupid-o-clock to stick them on radiators and then finishing drying them in the microwave before anyone is up. Its a joke.

If I was more organised workwise I would probably achieve a hell of a lot more rather than sitting feeling depressed about how much I want to do and never seem to have time to do. I mess around, I waste time, I hate myself for doing it and then do some more of it.

Today I am going to start a few new things, this has got to stop.
  1. I am going to put reminders in my phone for literally everything, I am talking about down to details like:
    1. Monday - 7.30am clean bathroom, 9.10 clean kitchen and floor, 11.00 wash towels, 1.00 take dog out etc etc
    2. Tuesday - 7.30am do kitchen, 9.10 mop lounge and dining floor etc
    3. Wednesday - 9.10am strip beds and wash, 11.00 vacuum house etc etc
  2. Go out and buy some St Johns Wart. I have used this in the past and for me it has been effective. While I wouldn't say I was depressed and would certainly not be going to the doctors, I do think I am bordering on it as I am getting very overwhelmed by the simple things i life and then putting off doing them rather than addressing them.
  3. I am also going to go and buy a Bach Emotional Eating Kit. I know a lot of people don't think natural remedies work but I for one swear by them, having used them as a very reluctant teenager due to ME. I hated the idea and had to be manhandled into the room but it worked, despite my protests it wouldn't.                                                                                                                       The Bach Emotional Eating kit consists of 3 remedies which you can take alone of combine as you wish. They are meant to address times when you are doubting yourself, help you think more rationally, calm you down, learn from your experience and help you accept that you are not perfect. It is around £10.00 and I figure worth a go. I tried to get some in town this afternoon but my local store did not have any in so I will have to get some next week when in Leeds or something.
Between these I hope I can bring back some order to my life, get back to be organised, being on top of things and more importantly having time to actually do what I want instead of realising with an hour to spare I have wasted most of my day doing I am not sure, and then haven't got enough time to do anything.

Wish me luck!


Sarah Mac said...

Good luck RP - it's sounds so like me right now. I have achieved nothing in the past week despite great plans.

I have to say - it never occurred to me you could dry things in the microwave though ;)

LIzbethcole29 said...

Good luck and go easy on yourself. But if you do get a wild burst of energy feel free to come over and help me clean!!!

Theramblingpages said...

it works as long as you only do 1 minute bursts and shake out the clothes between each one, I tried doing a school shirt once for 5 minutes and it had scorch marks on it!!

Theramblingpages said...

I think I would do better cleaning someone elses house!!

Jazzy said...

Every week I SWEAR I'm gonna get more organised and never do. i have serious clearouts to do but I simply can't get my head around them. Don't know eher to start! And I have to put reminders on my phone too and I get overwhelmed!

Good luck :-)

xx jazzy

Blue Sky said...

I certainly didn't know that you could dry clothes in the microwave - this could be really useful information, especially as I'm often stuck on no 2....

P.S. A long long time ago you gave me a Versatile Blogger award - finally it's gone up x

Theramblingpages said...

So glad I am not alone!

Theramblingpages said...

The microwave is great, although I wouldnt recommend trousers if they have those metal fastners!