Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates

Saturday was the school Christmas fare. I was tied up doing my PTA duties - my first official time. I have reservations about this whole PTA thing which I am sure will make further posts but for now this post is about my Little Man and his tombola.

Little Man and Mini Man came to the fare with t'husband. They were both given £5.00 and told they could go to the stalls but once their money was gone that was it. Grandad turned up as well and was on strict instructions not to substitute. At nearly 8, we decided Little Man could go off round the fare by himself or with friends if he wanted but infact he chose to stay with Mini Man and his Dad ad Grandad.

On the tombola Mini Man won a large cracker shaped tube of Cadbury's chocolate, Little Man won a small box of Terry's All Gold Chocolates.

The joy I saw on his little face tonight when he finished his tea and asked if he could have one of his chocolates. He got his box from the fridge, sat at the breakfast bar and examined the choices on the lid. He then proceeded to rearrange the box so all the same chocolates were together and then asked what each one was. He picked each one up in turn, listened to what they were and properly considered if he fancied it. There was just sheer joy on his face at having such a choice. It was such a pleasure to watch.


Sarah Mac said...

Magical RP - one of those moments to treasure forever :) x

Lizbethcole29 said...

I love it! There is nothing better than watching our kids have fun and see their faces light up. Doesn't matter where they find the fun, it's the smile that can light up a universe that comes after which is the best. I'm glad you got a smile like that.

Ixy said...

I still feel like that when given a box of assorted chocolates!