Monday, 5 December 2011

Grooving mums

I have lost track of time a little and am not sure if I have missed a week with this! its my age, that's what I say!

So how is getting my groove back going? Well I appear to be on a groove pogo stick. One day I seem to be on the up and really feeling my groove and then the next day I am right down at the bottom and looking in the gutter for it.

On the positive side, I am now on the PTA (actually not sure this is a positive, a tentative I would like to help became 4 members surrounding me in the playground telling me I was the new treasurer and despite my protests that my work is very unpredictable and I might be unreliable, I was sworn in as treasurer), anyhow I helped run the Christmas fare at the school which was great fun.  I got chatting to lots of different people and had a number saying hello today in the playground. I also like being more involved with the school.

My Little Man has moved up a reading level which has made me a very proud mummy, he has worked so hard to do it.

I had a long, long chat with the said parties who have trampled on me, spat me out and then kicked mud in my face and although the hurt is still there, I do feel we all want to move in the right direction and they have a much clearer understanding of how it has affected me. And I do feel better knowing they now realise just because on the outside I seem to be carrying on as normal as if nothing happened, it is a very different story inside.

I have also taken to wearing skirts again and making more of an effort. A friend and her husband came round and he commented on my skirt (a short one) and then a few days later she said she was really cross with me as G had not stopped going on about what I had been wearing and how nice I looked and why couldn't she dress like that? It did give me a real buzz!

I am off down Sauff tomorrow and staying with a really good friend for the night before having an interview for home based, part time work which should hopefully fit in round my freelancing but would mean we would get a definite regular income from me as well. I am just not impressed with the snow we have had all day so am praying it stays wet and doesn't settle as I don't fancy a 200 mile drive in it!

Thinks that's enough!


Lizbethcole29 said...

Good luck with the interview (wear the skirt!) and drive safe!!!

Kate said...

So wonderful about the skirts bit and the fact that another woman certainly saw you as "grooving". Good Luck on the interview front and on the socialising too. You are on the up my dear. One day we will meet, wear short skirts and drink cocktails to celebrate our new-found groove.

chickenruby said...

Nooooo, not the PTA,,,,OMG i so wish id never got involved...3 times....3 different schools, must have seen me

mammasaver said...

Great news about your little boy's reading group - he must be so chuffed!

Also great to hear about the skirt - could a little shopping trip be in order??

Sounds like you've had a great grooving week - hope next week is just as good! X