Saturday, 17 November 2012

Comfort zones and groovy mums

I need to do an update - it is a long time since I managed to blog, let alone take part in Grooving mums, and as one of the first groovy mum's, I am hanging my head in shame, especially when over the past year I have rediscovered a fair amount of my groove and managed to get myself out of a rut, with quite a lot of help from my fellow Groovy mum's.

I struggle with presents for t'husband as he has a massive love of gaming (X Box, PS III, PS Vita, iPad, you name it, we have it, Kinec things, PlayStation move etc, you get the idea) and to be honest there are only so many games, and gaming mouse/accessories you can buy before they become very predictable. His birthday is in December so it is doubly hard to come up with 2 decent ideas at the same time.

Anyhow, the other week Kate over at Kateonthinice, reviewed a boudoir shoot and being the amazing woman she is, actually posted some pictures - she has a lot of guts this woman and is made of strong stuff!  You can read about her experience here.

At a recent wedding, my friend sent one of us bridesmaids round to the groom's room with a special wedding day present from her, which was a boudoir shot, so then seeing Kate's blog really got me thinking.

So, the day I read Kate's post, I grabbed the bull by the horns, and got straight onto the oracle called Google, and found a local boudoir photography studio and booked myself in. Now it is costing me an arm and a leg to do it (I'm hoping she takes the arm and leg after the photographs so they will still at least look good!), more than I really can afford but I want to surprise him, I want to do something really different and I also want to do this for ME. I want to feel good, and see the photos and think, hell yes, that's me and I am confident enough to do it.

My original booking was last Friday - the 9th, however the photographer rang me to say she had a clash and could I do the afternoon instead which I couldn't due to school pick up, so we rescheduled to today. Today though, I got up coughing, hoarse, looking like I'd not slept for weeks and well felt pants, so I cancelled today. I was really disappointed.

I have spent all week deciding the type of photos I would like, Googling pictures and galleries and planning what I might wear - which I am still struggling with a little by the way as I can't afford to go out and buy anything new due to the cost of the actual shoot.

I want to do something that is more seductive than blatant, more teasing so maybe knickers and then one of his white work shirts hanging open so he gets a glimpse of my chest, or sitting and a picture taken from behind while I am slightly turned so again, there is a glimpse. Any ideas would be welcome though. I am sure Kim who will be taking the photos a week on Tuesday now will also have plenty of advice.

My googling took me to a place called Madame Boudoir Photography which is based in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. I rang to speak to the photographer who immediately put me at ease, explained the whole package, and when I said I was hoping to have some printed pictures (the package she offers is for 7 pictures on a CD), she said she could do 3 for me instead which will be perfect.

I initially quaked a little at the cost, I knew it would be expensive and was attracted to this studio as there seemed to be a facebook offer on which was offering a photo shoot for £50.00, however that offer had ended, however, she made me feel so at ease, I kind of threw caution to the wind and used my credit card - oops.  She has also been so understanding about me not being well today. I had to pay half as a deposit to secure my booking which is fine as it helps spread the cost.

So watch this space, I am now booked in for Monday 26th and completely unexpectedly, she has also indicated that she will be still be able to get my prints ready for the first weekend in December which is amazing, considering she originally said it would be 2 weeks. I had assumed that I wouldn't get them in time for t'husband's birthday and was resigned to having to hide them until Christmas, so I could'nt ask for a better service and I've not even set foot in the studio yet.

Although I am nervous and will be VERY out of my comfort zone, I am also VERY excited about it. I get my hair and makeup done by a professional and then my photos. I actually just have a sense of confidence just for booking it!

EEKK, just need to think of some good poses and outfits now!

PS don't expect me to be posting any photos though!!

Disclaimer: I am not receiving any incentive such as reduced cost/free shoot, this is something I have decided to do myself, found on the web. I simply want to blog about it and post about a positive experience which will hopefully do wonders for my self confidence.


celebratingmums said...

Well done you! Really proud of you. Don't bottle it and at least let us Groovy Mums see one of the tamer shots.

Mummy Plum said...

What about a Christine Keeler profomo scandal chair type shot? I also like the more moody cabaret/ burlesque shots, wearing stockings and a full basque. Discreet but enticing.

Glasgow Mummy said...

Good luck for Monday!! How exciting!!! You are certainly grooving!!