Monday, 19 November 2012

Lego, Lego, Lego!

My boys are both Lego mad. They first got interested in it when my dad dug out a big box of Lego from the loft which had belonged to my brother & me. There's none of this fancy stuff in that box, just the standard red, yellow, blue and green bricks of various lengths, 2 or 3 green mats to use as a base and some windows but the boys didn't care, suddenly a whole new world of creating and imagination had been opened up to them and they'd spend many happy hours building garages and houses like we use to (my dad also unearthed my old tree house at the same time which also gave them hours of fun and when being over 30 years old got too much for the plastic and it finally broke, I wasn't the only one to shed a tear!).

Grandad started something though with that box of old Lego. The boys are now Lego mad. T'husband and I have lost days of our lives building star wars ships and ninja things, and always feel very proud of the finished article. Until a week or so later when the beautiful X wing enters into a battle with darth vadars ship and they 'blow up'. God it's enough to make an adult cry seeing them all in pieces!

They don't even ask for them to be rebuilt as they seem to gain more enjoyment from making countless numbers of their own models - the big proper models are just too delicate for a 6 & 8 year old.  Now that I'm wise with hindsight, that thought of their enjoyment and the models they make, helps stem those tears of frustration at the battles!

This was the norm until Mini Man got the Lego City Police Station for his birthday which he treasures. It got knocked off the toy cabinet (by me) & came to pieces much to his distress so I promised to rebuild it this weekend. Thing is Daddy told the boys to tidy their bedroom and they lobbed ALL the Lego into one box, so this is how I found myself yesterday sat on our landing, sitting among thousands of bits of Lego.

After 3 hours I was only half done so tidied it away, put the boys to bed & cracked open the wine to soothe the nerves.

Mini Man has now announced a burning need for the Lego City Airport and the Lego City Firestation - the thought makes me shudder (and I admit to be a little thankful that money is quite tight and as most Christmas presents have already been bought, we might have to wait for those!!)

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Mummy Plum said...

Wow. That's a LOT of lego. I thought it was bad at our house, but at least ours is still Duplo! I would've needed wine too after sorting through that lot :0)