Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Smile for the camera and relax!

On Monday afternoon I did a boudoir shoot as a birthday present for my husband

It was nerve racking

The first hour I spent having my hair and make up done. I left the make up artist to do as she wanted (within reason) as my attitude was it wasn't the kind of situation I am use to being in, it was a whole new experience to do something different so if that meant different make up / hair style, then so be it.

I loved what she did though. My eyes were all smokey, with fab false eyelashes, the foundation was perfect and she did a bright pink lipstick which I would never have chosen myself but looks great on the pictures.

My hair has been cut a little shorter than I would have liked by my over enthusiastic hair dresser but the make up artist still managed to curl it all. The only thing I am not sure about which I didn't see at the time but is obvious on the photos is this kind of sheen that is on my hair, it just doesn't look right to me, but as my dear hubby said, he is not actually looking at my hair so doesn't care!

While the makeup was being done, the photographer was going through my bag of underwear and laying out a few outfits she thought would work.

I started in a blue underwear set with black suspenders and black suspender belt and she took some shots of me standing by these beaded curtains and coming through them, holding the beads back etc. I really don't like these photos but the 'ding dong' my husband gave them shows me I know nothing!

We then moved to the bed, and she had me in a number of positions on there and some of those photos I love. From here I felt relaxed enough to loose the bra, and by the end of it, everything was hanging out but she took the photos with me holding a lace cloth round me or a blanket slipping off me so most of them were more of a suggestion of being naked, although it is obvious but not in your face kind of thing.

My original plan was to pick 3 and have them printed to give to t'husband on his birthday, however seeing the 50 images she sent through, there was no way I could decide so I got them up and asked t'husband to come to the computer which he did with reluctance and a grumble as he was playing his PlayStation and had to pause it.

At first he looked at the first 3 and just said mmm very nice, yes very nice but why are you showing me these, so I flicked to the next one and again he asked what the relevance was, then he cottoned on he might know who was in the pictures so started cocking his head this way and that and was actually asking who it was. I then flicked to a 5th one, and heard this sudden intake of breathe and then he was like 'oh my god is that you, wow, oh god, move away, let me sit down and see'  It was a fab reaction and he has decided he wants to go for a CD of 7 images, rather than 3 printed and also wants 3 extra on the CD which are an extra £10.00 each so not too unreasonable.

I have to say if you have the money to be able to do a boudoir shoot it is the best money you will ever spend. For me, my confidence has gone through the roof, not only did I feel good doing them, I just kept having this recurring thought while doing it of 'I cant believe I am actually doing this', then afterwards, I kept thinking 'ha this afternoon I was being photographed naked' and it certainly makes you feel good. On top of that having now seen the photos and having been in a self hating mode for many years of my flabby body, the hard work  have been putting in with the running, gym and eating better has paid off. I cant believe the photos are of me, yes there was a large degree of tummy sucking in going on but my legs look toned, my arms do and I am amazed, why don't you see this when you look in the mirror? I must have a 'fat' mirror - god damn that mirror!!

Once we have the actual CD, I may even feel brave enough to post one of the photos although don't hold your breathe! And here is that one photo I was brave enough to post, even though I said it would only be up for 1 day only - it is still there


Kateonthinice said...

I am claiming all the credit for you doing this so there!
Well done you. Told you so. Funny your husband being so surprised but pleasantly by the sound of things. I want a pic!

Lulujjohnson said...

Ah this sounds so cool!! Well done for being brave enough to attend and congrats that the hard work you have been putting in with exercise has paid off!
Lulu x

Sarah Mac said...

You did it and you enjoyed it and your husband loves them! Well done you RP! I'm going to check out having some done just for me before everything heads south.

Love to see some photos if you do feel brave enough (and why wouldn't you? You obviously looked GREAT!)

Ruth Williams said...

Really gorgeous photo!

gidders1 said...

You look amazing! I love that it made you more confident, and the reaction of your husband. Thank you for inking up. Amanda ( The Ana Mum Diary)