Monday, 26 November 2012

what will I wear for my boudoir shoot?

This afternoon I am going for a boudoir shoot which I am both nervous and excited about, infact while I am typing this email, I am running the bath and microwaving the wax to try and make myself a little more presentable! I have been very unsure what to wear for these photographs. I know some may think a boudoir shoot is the whole hog and have your photos taken completely in the buff, but I have also been told that many involve photos in underwear or something sexy or classic, or even brulesque style and I have a distinct lack of any of these items! Anyhow, a mouch round Sainsbury's of all places found me a really nice bra and knicker set in the sale for £6.00, I then also managed to get other sets from Primark, not somewhere I have looked at underwear before but I was pleasantly surprised with the selection and quality. To be fair the bra's are not quite as good a fit as my trusty M&S ones but they are comfy and that is what counts. I was also advised that frilly knickers are a good item to have for these types of photos as well, so 1 pair from Sainsburys and one from Primark again.
I then also had a rummage around through my drawers (not in the literal sense just incase I am confusing anyone with the old fashioned term for underwear), but I rummaged through my old belongings and managed to unearth a couple of things that I have bought in the past which havent seen the light of day for a LONG time (those romantic/lets do something naughty/sexy days seem a distant memory)and was surprised with just what I had tucked away.
I am going to take my high heeled black knee high boots (I have no idea if I will need these) and my strappy sandals, and some black high shoes as well - again in case I need them as no idea what to wear on my feet either. Luckily I have a really busy morning preparing my business accounts for the accountant, and with work to keep me busy. I am hoping I have enough time though to pop into town and get some lacy hold ups or something. I will probably end up wearing none of this and go completely with the flow and her ideas but I would prefer to be prepared if nothing else! Wish me luck, I am sure I will be very nervous later!


BNM said...

fingers crossed it all goes well - hope hubs happy with his present and if not let me at him!


Theramblingpages said...

He better bloody be! You know him well enough though to know it is right up his street!!