Thursday, 22 November 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I want to do this weekly but keep missing it! But I have made it today so that in itself is a reason to be cheerful!

So my reasons this week are:

  1. I have started CBT for a little issue I have been having with anxiety and a fear of death and after 4 sessions have realised that infact considering the last 8 years, it might be quite normal
  2. I am nearly finished writing a 30 page meeting report that I have been putting off and putting off and I can;t wait to send it over
  3. The school's special needs co-ordinator is eventually back after being signed off since the beginning of the year and I am meeting with her about Little Man (see my last post if you are interested in what these concerns are)
  4. It's nearly the weekend and I would like to get the hallway a bit closer to being decorated
  5. I am picking up a secondhand freezer that someone at school is giving us so we are going to take a trip to the butchers around 4ish when they practically giving the meat away so we can stock up
  6. This horrid, wet weather does at least mean we get to snuggle up in front of the woodburner
  7. I am feeling much more confident about myself and my abilities
  8. The boy's school photos are really nice this year!
Think that is my lot this week, pop over to Michelle's blog to see everyone elses x


Glitzy Gleam said...

I know someone that had CBT it really helped them a lot, really lovely reasons, have a great weekend xx

The Mini Mes and Me said...

I had CBT for OCD and anxiety after a car crash while pregnant. Im pleased to hear you are feeling more confident. :) x

Shay Bochaton said...

Lovely reasons. I had some CBT about a year back and it really helped me to come to terms with certain things and move forward in a positive way. I hope it continues to help you :) x

Sarah mac said...

Great list RP - CBT really helped me a couple of years ago x

Nikki said...

Wow so many great reasons.
My experience with CBT wasn't great but if it's helping you, fantastic! I think I was in the wrong place mentally.
A 30 page meeting report? I can't possibly imagine why you were putting that off! Well done on getting it nearly completed.
Good luck with the meeting at school. Having read the last post I hope you get a satisifactory resposne.
Have a fab weekend x

Kateonthinice said...

I too have the fear of death thing going on or rather just getting cross that it will happen at some point. Grief playing its weird games I suppose.
Number 7 makes me so very happy

Pressies by Pebbles said...

I also do CBT and it really really helps coping. I pray it continues to help you. Great reasons to be cheerful x

LakesSingleMum said...

What lovely reasons - not at all jealous of wood burner ;-)

❤Janglitz❤ said...

A very busy week...I hate reports lol..glad you are feeling more boys had their school pic done too now just have to choose.
have a fab weekend..following your blog now too :)

Ojo Henley said...

I'm glad things seem to be moving in a positive direction for you, love school pics x

Julie (Mama OWL) said...

A lovely positive post :)

Bibsey Mama said...

Confidence and snuggling-up... lovely reasons to be cheerful. Good luck with the CBT.

Ms Xpat said...

Sounds like things are on the up. I'm pleased for you. Here's hoping that its continued into this week. have a lovely weekend.