Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Apparently this is nothing to worry about.....

I mentioned on my post about Reading Eggs that Little man is very behind with his learning and we would like to do more to support him and get him more up to a similar level to his peers.

He is 9 at Christmas and to be fair has only really started reading in the last year or so but spelling and Maths still elude him. I have mentioned it on numerous occasions but keep being told that he is not that behind and his work is very inconsistent.

Anyhow, I am seeing the SENCO tomorrow and am going to take in a sheet of paper just written by him tonight.

He is always, always hungry and generally has his tea (bigger portion than me now), a bath, then a sandwich and beaker of milk and then bed. Some nights though he is still awake and complaining of hunger pains at 9.30 like tonight (he is also stick thin despite eating me out of house and home).

I am in my office supposedly working and both boys were told by their Dad, if they managed to get into bed and not speak until the morning, they would get a treat when he came home from work tomorrow night.

Little Man just appeared, grabbed some paper from the printer and wrote:

Me: Hello, what's wrong? Are you not speaking to me? (spoken)

LM: Ica not becu I wont get a tret and I hungree (he wrote on paper)
translation - I cannot because I won't get a treat and I am hungry
Me: OK, you go down and get yourself something quickly (spoken)
LM: No, yoo go pliys, cwicliy pliys mumiy sum riyol foob ples (written)
translation: No, you go please, quickly please mummy, some real food please
Me: (writing now to humour him) Sandwich or biscuit?
LM considered both and ticked both but pointed to sandwich.
I then gave him some written options:
1. Honey
3. Jam
4. Butter
5. Mud
LM read these, ticked the chocolate and mud, then wrote 'harhar' - so there is nothing wrong with his reading!
LM: can iy saiy bad tues wot bus yoo sey
translation can I ?no idea? what do you say?
Actually writing it on here, doesn't make it look quite so bad, but the image of the actual writing and you will see that I have done well to be able to put all that down
But hey, LETS NOT WORRY, apparently it is OK for a nearly 9 year old to write like this 


Sarah mac said...

I hope your meeting goes well RP - I wish I had some answers for you. All three of my children learned at a different pace and I had particular concerns about my daughter when she was younger. There did come a point where it all just seemed to click into place (at about LM's age) but I understand that that was her and this is LM and every child is different.

You are right to voice your concerns and to have them taken seriously. I hope LM gets the help he needs and deserves. x

Ojo Henley said...

Try looking up action for children, it could take time for them to get to you, but when they do they are fantastic. I do hope your SENCO is sympathetic