Sunday, 17 March 2013

People Don't Eat Enough Fudge History

So as the title suggests, I am honoured to be hosting a guest post from SarahMac over at PeopleDontEatEnougFudge.

She recently had a mega blog giveaway event and decided to share with her lucky readers posts from days gone by. We were able to choose our own from her funny list or ask her to pick one for us - I did the latter.

If you are not a reader of PeopleDontEatEnoughFudge I strongly encourage you to pop over and have a browse around, this lady NEVER fails to raise a smile, if not a hearty laugh from me, she is a very talented blogger and can write the most amusing posts, so go on pop over and see her.

So here on my blog, I am honoured to be sharing with you a piece of Fudge history

Share Because I care

Do you know, I think I may become a relationship counsellor.

I've decided that I'm pretty good at giving advice (dare I say, even an expert;).

Of course, I have my own experiences to draw on and, (after the fact), I know exactly where I've been going wrong.

I bet you expect me to tell you now don't you?

Well, I'm not going to.

This is MY gig and I'm not having all of you jumping on the band waggon. It takes more than a few stolen insights to become a relationship counsellor you know!

I've been giving some great advice lately.

Before Christmas I told a friend that he should really talk to his wife and not be tempted by a local Jezebel.

I said he should rediscover his passion ....

So he did (with the local Jezebel!).

She then had a wobble and ended it which I said was a GOOD thing, now he could talk to his wife and rediscover the passion ....

So he left his wife and started a long distance romance.

Meanwhile the local Jezebel is expressing an interest again and he is torn about where and with whom he should be rediscovering his passion ....

So I told him he was a tart.

As a starting point I think I'm doing pretty well so far don't you?

More to come (possibly) and, if you are in need of a little advice well ....

I'm here for you :)

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Sarah Mac said...

Thank you so much for hosting RP - my counselling career still hasn't really taken off for some reason but I'm always available to give advice ;)