Friday, 15 March 2013

Reason to be Cheerful

I wouldn't like to say how many weeks months it has been since I have taken part in this, and yes I do know this is a day late as well in being posted!

But this week I have many reasons to be cheerful - please read reason number 5 if you cant be bothered with reading the rest!

  1. I have found my blogging chi again, it was last seen running away into the sunset and has taken a long time to return to me but it is back!
  2. We have reached a critical point in our finances which has been a shock to the system, however rather than finding this depressing, I actually see it as a good thing - yes I am mad, my brain has been pickled by all the wine drinking, but on a serious note, I have long been aware our spending was getting a bit out of control and have simply not been strong enough to stand up to t'husband and his wants. Now however we have to face it and I am pleased, we have done it before and managed to pay 6 grand off so I am not worried about doing it again. it can only be a good thing.
  3. Work is flowing in at the moment, bit too much so I am having to work evenings but it is so worth it. I have my regular work with agency 1 who is not doing as well as they were so I have been concerned they could maintain the amount of money I like to earn. I also do work for  agency 2 who I use to be employed by and this is increasing slowly but surely rather than the odd bit of support I gave then, I seem to now be part of the team for a project. And then I managed to secure some work for a well know nutritional company and do a project for them and there has been a hint they will use me again, and I am doing a small job for a fourth client, so it is all coming together. I also had an interview with Yorkshire Cancer research about doing some work for them in the coming months!
  4. I ran up the big hill by our house, first time ever so feel very good about that
  5. My final reason is all thanks to Michelle, the founder of this fab linky, and blogger at Mummy from the heart, who last year had a massive blog giveaway in which I won a half day spa experience with the Imagine spa chain. As I live near Knaresborough this was perfect as there is an the Imagine Spa at The Dower House hotel in Knaresborough.                                                                                                                                I am ashamed to say due to personal reasons, lack of time management and a lot of work I have been moving this week by week through my diary thinking 'I just haven't got time, I will book it next week' & have been doing that for a year. On Monday I noticed it expired on Thursday 14th March so I rang them and thought Sod it.                                                                        Since my blogging chi returned home, it also seems to have brought back with it confidence & a little bit of sense in that I need a break from work - working for myself means I rarely leave the house (other than school runs), and don't get much interaction with people/professionals. I spent 4 very blissful, unguilty hours yesterday at the Imagine Spa. I started with paperwork & changing into a my swimming costume & a thick warm robe, followed by a coffee & magazine & foot spa. I then had a fabulous deep tissue back, neck & leg massage - god it was bliss! Following this I had a sauna, followed by 10 minutes in the steam room, a monsoon shower, another foot spa and a 40 minute swim which totalled 100 lengths of a 10 meter pool. I finished my day with 20 minutes relaxing in the spa pool. I felt like a different woman at the end of it. I had the best nights sleep ever!                                                                                                        I just wish I could do it regularly, wouldn't life be grand to be a lady of leisure who did manage that weekly!
So I would like to send a heartfelt thanks not only to Michelle but also to the host of R2BC this week, seasiderinthecity for actually sending the voucher - you really gave me a much needed half day break, me time and overall a lovely day. Thank you x


Sarah Mac said...

Wow, what a great day RP and so well deserved x

Sarah said...

Lovely reasons! x

Mama Owl said...

Sounds like a well deserved treat! x

seasiderinthecity said...

Well I was going to say that running up a hill was my favourite until I read number 5!
I am so glad you had a good time, I hope they looked after you.
Glad you have refound your blogging mojo x

Clare Anderson said...

Well I was going to say that running up a hill was my favourite until I read number 5!
I am so glad you had a good time, I hope they looked after you.
Glad you have refound your blogging mojo x