Friday, 15 March 2013

Red Nose Day - mum of the year - NOT!

I have known all week that today was red nose day and the boys would need red clothes and noses for school. I also knew there was a Great School Bake Off competition going on as well. I even managed to get my mum to bake a cake with Little Man last night while I was at football with Mini Man, so it was all going well, until that is Little Man leapt out of bed at 5.55am asking

LM 'Can I start to ice my cake now please'
Me ' Still a little early chick, its not even 6am, try and stay in bed a little longer please'
LM ' Is Mini Man's cake the same size as mine'
Me 'Oh sugar (not my actual thought!), I forgot to bake it last night'
LM 'Mini man is going to be really upset you know'
Me ' no he won't, bags of time to do it now' as I hot foot it down to the kitchen, with LM in tow thinking it is the green light to ice his cake.

And so that is why I was baking a cake at 6.30am this morning and had to put it out on the decking to cool quickly enough for it to be iced!

These were the results though so not too bad and I am proud to say, they both did them by themselves


Sarah Mac said...

Fantastic RP - kind of thing I would do as well ;) - Master Mac once had to wear Orange to school and only remembered on the morning of the day - who the hell has anything orange in their drawer??? The cakes look fab!

Sarah said...

Cakes look super - well done! Amazed you had the energy to bake at silly o'clock in the morning!!