Monday, 11 March 2013


My last 2 posts which were the 3rd December and the 8th January both started with how busy things have been, how I have taken a step back from blogging - sounds stupid but I found it was quite a pressurised thing to be trying to do when busy and how I was hoping things would change

Clearly as it is now March, things did not change and I haven't had the chance to do any blogging.

I find myself doing things, or in certain situations and thinking 'this would make a good blog post' or 'must remember that to blog about' and then it doesn't happen.

Going back to the pressurised things, does anyone else feel that? I was finding I would come on to write a blog but then start checking in on other people's, trying to select the ones which caught my eye as interesting and lo and behold, I had lost 2 hours of my working day.

I also have a thing about when people take the time and effort to leave a comment on one of my posts, that I return the favour and go and visit their blog and read their latest post and also leave a comment, to me it is common courtesy, you know if someone sent you an email or phoned you and left a message, it is unlikely you would ignore it. However, new blogs throw up loads of new time issues for me, I find myself trawling through their old posts to try and gauge what type of blogger they are and what they blogged about, if I liked what I saw I added them to my feed, but again, hey presto there is another 2 hours gone.

And then there is the whole 'should I post daily' is that for me or for my readers? Again another small element of up keeping the blog pressure!

And lets not forget Twitter. I am having a bit of an affair with twitter at the moment. I keep my facebooking and personal twitter separate from my blog so have a different blogging twitter account, but on a personal front, I am a little bored of fb and have moved to twitter. However, that and my blog twitter were just one more thing to keep updating, oh and reading and replying to, again consuming more time.

Its hard!

I feel silly admitting this as well, I was getting to the stage where if I didn't get a comment I was feeling disappointed and wanting to know why, was my post boring? why had I spent 3 hours commenting on other people's post for them not to bother to visit my blog? etc, it was getting silly.

I miss it though, but I am not going to promise to start blogging again because as my last 2 posts in December and January said, I want to and clearly haven't been able to so its a case of watch this space!


Sarah Mac said...

I for one am very pleased to see you here RP - I've missed you!

I know exactly what you mean though. I've recently set up an FB page for Fudge and am trying to make the effort with Twitter too and it's HARD work with very little reward at times!

I also read, reply and visit but it can be incredibly time consuming (hence why Im still in my PJ's ;).

Post as and when lovely, I'll always pop by x

ps, we all get disappointed when we don't get comments or others don't even swing by when we've commented - nothing silly about that at all!

Theramblingpages said...

Thanks Sarah, that is a lovely comment and really made me smile!

Sarah Mac said...

cant work out how to get the post to you RP - if you want me to email it you can find my email address on my profile x