Monday, 16 May 2011

Frock it!

I have recently come across a link called Frock it over at This Mid 30's Life and I really like it although I have not taken part in it before.  I really couldn't pass up the opportunity this week though after the British soap awards and I am not even sure who to pick to make my list as there were loads of, well dodgy I think is the best word, dresses on show for all to see, so its been hard to pick one, but here is a dress that I really, really couldn't see myself in.

 Now for me I don't think this does very much for Shobna Gulati, the pink shoes kind of clash with the sick green/yellow bodice and the feathers make her look like she has a very overgrown lady garden!

Sorry just not my kind of dress, I am also not that taken with the massive shoulder pads on her jacket, the jacket kind of makes her look all scrunched up with little neck.

Not for me this one, however, there were loads of other dresses that made me wonder what they were thinking, the Sugarbabes all looked like they were about to go to tea with the Adam's family!  I'll stop there otherwise I will go off on a rant, sorry!


Sarah Mac said...

Hmmm, I'm torn. After the Royal wedding I wanted to be a hat designer as they all seemed to be up for a bit of a laugh but NOW ....

Maybe I'll be an underwear designer and bring out a lady garden lingerie range instead (that is such a great expression:)

RP said...

A friend of mine hates it which I think is why I tend to use it!

This Mid 30s Life said...

Sorry I didn't see this one before!

And what a dress it is. If it is a dress. It reminds me of some kind of dodgy furry monster sniffing at her legs. There is nothing good about this dress at all - nothing. And that is being kind! x