Saturday, 24 September 2011

Listography: 5 celebreties I would like to go for a drink with

Kate takes five has set a brilliant listography this week - I remember well the one that Metal Mummy did about 5 celebrities I would like to punch, and yes I took part with a wicked glee inside me, if I remember correctly Jordan 'real name katie bloody Price' (lets not forget to write her name correctly) and Kerry Katonia got a right old beating from many participants, so the reverse of this is great to take part in as well. I wonder if those 2 will be included on anyones lists?

I have not read anyone elses list either otherwise I know I will be influenced and struggle to find different people as I will be thinking yes, thats a good one, could defintiely share a vodka or 5 with them etc and my mind will go blank.

I think top of my list would be Sean Connery, I would probably just sit with my mouth hanging slightly open in awe though, melting into to his voice and eyes, and yes I know he is now old, but god, you would wouldn't you!

Kiefer Sutherland - now I certainly would not kick him out of bed for eating biscuiits. I was glued to 24 when it was on, and think he would make a very good drinking partner. I think I first fell for his charm and looks in Lost boys as a stary eyed teenager, Flatliners and Young Guns but as he has got older he has definitely matured with ages and I just think a night down the pub with him, playing pool and drinking a few beers would be entertaining.

Victoria Beckham - now she seems to be really stuck up, really grumpy but I saw a documentary about her and David years ago and infact she canme across as really honest and nice with a quiet but good sense of humour. The thing that stuck out about her to me in this documentary was her opinion of herself and the hype in the media - she seems actually to be incredibly down to earth. They asked her about her figure and her eating and she openly said yes I do have an eating problem, and self image issues, but who wouldn't after attending a school where they weighed you every day and you were made to feel fat. I admire her for admitting that. I think she is one of these people that once you get to know her she would be a really good laugh and very matter of fact. AND if she felt Mr Beckham had to accompany her for this drink then so be it, I could live with that.

Davina McColl - I love Davina for her energy, her style, her honesty about her past battles with drugs and alcohol, her down to earth attitude and I would love to sit and have a drink with her to determine if it is all an act for the public or if she is as much fun in real life and I expect that she is!

Prince William - OK I know many of you are going to say what the hell?! But seriously I think he would be a great one to go for a drink with. I may be a little biased here because I know someone (if I told you who I would have to shoot you), but he is in the RAF and when Will's was doing some of his training he was stationed at the same RAF base. This person I know is an officer so was in charge of Will's and when security didn't like the idea of the charming Prince being in the barracks for security reasons, Will's refused to stay elsewhere and the compromise was he would stay with someone on the base. This said person was the person I know, and apparently he kept clearing the table, donning the pink marigolds and insisting on doing the washing up. Wife was mortified, but Will's attitude was he did it at home and wouldn't expect her to run around after him. He liked nothing more than a take away and a few beers and was apparently one of the nicest, most down to earth people they have ever had to stay, and by the end of the 2 weeks, they felt like they just had an old Uni friend staying with them, not the future king. He visits them regularly, rings and emails and they even got invited to Westminster Abbey to watch him and kate get married. I think Prince Harry would be a good candidate to go to the pub with as well!

So there you have it, would I want to drink with all of them at the same time? mmmm, not sure about that one, I think there may be too many big personalities in one room for me, plus I am a little shy so would probably sit saying nothing feeling ever so slightly scared! 

If you want to take part, pop over to Kate Takes Five and add your link.

Oh and I apologise if there are any blinding spelling mistakes, I am away in Sweden at a conference and just tried to do a spell check and it seems to be chekcing it against Swedish!


Ali F said...

Like you, I wrote my list before looking at anyone else's.

Wish I had thought of Kiefer Sutherland!!!!!!! Lol xxx

1978rebecca said...

I considered Davina as well. But think I'd invite her round to do some exercise with instead - I like her DVDs

Tori said...

I nearly went with Sean Connery too!

Katetakes5 said...

How interesting! Plus I'm honoured that you've taken part when clearly you should be working ;)

Theramblingpages said...

ho hum, but it is late at night and I do need some time for me, honest!

Jazzy said...

Interesting list! I do like Sean Connery, not so sure he's such a nice person though? I like that story about Prince William. Now you have me thinking....who WOULD I like to go drinking with??? Hmmmm....

xx Jazzy

Viv Morley said...

That's a great list - they would all be interesting drinking partners but Kiefer gives me the wibbles a little bit - think it is The Lost Boys that did it!
Melksham Mum x

Debbie Johnson said...

Excellent list! Know what you mean about not looking at other peopleslists- it's bad enough argiing with myself to get 5! Would definitely have been influenced by yours!!

celebratingmums said...

Despite having being anti us having the Royal Family at all, that is not to say they don't have strengths as individuals. I think Prince William and Harry are both making more people pro the Monarchy. Diana's influence no doubt.
The first two - it is a drink you are supposed to be wanting out them lol!
Davina not my cuppa tea, too shouty
But yes, I saw a documentary and thought Victoria came across well and not at all what the hype would have you think

HelenatAardvark said...

Oh I chose Prince Harry - Perhaps we should all go together and get the two princes together?!

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

I think if I was to have a beer with one of the Royals I think Harry would be the way to go if you wanted to party! LOL

Anne @ Domesblissity

Londonmum said...

i love the inclusion of Prince William. You can come on my night out if I can come on yours!!