Thursday, 15 September 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

Again I have slacked and not done this for a few weeks despite it being one of my favourite link. I am quite exited as well to be hopping over the A matter of choice who is kindly hosting it this week as well, so thank you!. I am going to combine a few reasons from last week into this week as well.
  1. A few weeks ago Mini Man had a bad fall off his bike (see here) which resulted in a 4 day hospital stay and small operation (see here for more detail if interested). I am so pleased that he seems none the worse for the experience and within a couple of hours, let alone a couple of days was back to his normal self.
  2. The company I worked for before moving back North have approached me and offered me some work with them. I am over the moon as I loved my old job and was incredibly sad to leave them, so to be asked to attend a conference on their behalf and produce the report is really nice. I am working with old friends again.
  3. Mini Man has taken to full time school like a pro. He is loving it, and coming home full of new things he has learnt each day.
  4. The mother-in-law came to stay at the beginning of the week and after 16 years of knowing her, in that time relations between her and t'husband have dramatically changed, and my initial feelings of dread at a few hours in her company have brought us round to really having enjoyed her 2 day stay, the boys loved it, she loved, we loved it. It is so nice to be like this now and see her getting closer to not only her Grandchildren but also to her son.
  5. We have a dog! Well, I think we have a dog, he is here, at my feet snoozing but at the moment it is still only a trial as Little Man has a huge phobia of them and the docs feel the only way he will improve is to have no choice and have one in the house, but if he can tolerate it, Dog is ours to keep. After an initial rocky start with Dog being very unsettled, I am now loving it!
  6. And finally perhaps the most important reason to be cheerful, exactly 10 years ago today I was sat on my mum and dad's sofa, wolfing down chicken in a sauce and rice, with my hair looking the poshest it has ever looked, chomping at the bit to get my frock on and get me to the church to marry the love of my life. Happy Anniversary to t'husband. The last 10 years have taken us on many, many journeys - through wrongful dismissal, tribunals, loss of parents and grandparents, buying our first home, thrown us into the world of prematurity, heart disease, aspergers, ADHD, special needs, parenting and goodness knows what else, but despite some of it being very tough and leading us to our lowest points personally and as a couple, we are still here today, still laughing and enjoying life, with a lovely home, in the part of the country we want to be, with 2 fantastic boys, 2 guinea pigs and it seems a dog. Life is pretty much perfect. 10 years ago would I of envisioned any of it - only 1 thing. That we would be celebrating this day together still as a couple, that we knew for sure. On our wedding night t'husband and me made a promise to each other. On our 40th wedding anniversary and our 50th if we are still able to, we plan to act out an old Lloydstsb advert which was of an old couple running naked into the sea giggling like kids. Now we are another year closer!
If you want to take part pop over the A matter of choice who is kindly hosting reasons to be cheerful this week. If you have no idea what it is about pop over to mummy at the heart for full details.


celebratingmums said...

Huge list of reasons. Pleased to hear your boy is better and doing well at school. Your work sounds interesting - I am envious of that one as would love to use my brain again. Lovely final reason and tells us so much about the vicissitudes of life. Glad you have a pal to share it with

bod for tea said...

Wow what a list! Sorry to hear the little man had a bad fall, but good he's on the mend and enjoying school. Exciting about the new dog... hope you get to keep it! And massive congrats on the anniversary :D

emsyjo said...

Happy anniversary, and well done for getting through all those things together, that's a real achievement. thank you for linking up xxx

LakesSingleMum said...

happy anniversary! so glad mini man is recovering well and enjoying school. good relations with the in-laws is always a reason to be cheerful too.

tinuke said...

awww your last reason had me in tears, 10 years - congratulations, and love the promise of running in the buff that's both super romantic and humorous in one go!


Blue Sky said...

Happy Anniversary xx

Glenda Gee said...

Happy 10th Anniversary. What a lovely post. My dad always used to say "life wasn't meant to be easy" . I think it is true. if life had been all roses would you still be as happy as you are now? I think it is pulling together in hard times that brings you closer.

Deb at Aspieinthefamily said...

Some great reasons to be cheerful. Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary and good news about DOG and little man; have commented on your DOG post. Deb xx